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Legends of Baseball: New York City’s ‘Miracle Mets’

Few American baseball teams are as widely celebrated as the New York Mets. Initially established in 1962 to replace the Brooklyn Dodgers (who relocated to California to become the Los Angeles Dodgers), the Mets have remained based in New York City’s populous Borough of Queens.

David Wright at CitiField

One of only two Major League baseball teams based in New York (the other being the Yankees), the Mets played all their home games at the iconic Shea Stadium until 2009. In that year, the team moved to the nearby Citi Field Stadium, where they draw thousands of loyal fans. Then, in 2020, the Mets were purchased by Steve Cohen, a billionaire hedge-fund manager, for a whopping $2.4 billion.

World Series Victories

Despite the team’s enormous fan base, especially in its home state of New York, the Mets, who play in the National League’s East Division, have only won the Baseball World Series twice. In 1969, they beat the Baltimore Orioles for the national title, thus earning the nickname the ‘Miracle Mets.’ Almost two decades later, in 1986, they defeated the Boston Red Sox in what is considered one of the most exciting World Series championships in baseball history.

Let’s Go, Mets!

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