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Aug 24th, 2011


We knew it was bad. We knew there were rumblings. I had people coming to this site and posting comment after comment insisting that the Wilpons had no money problems, that to say otherwise was bullshit (and worse). We heard the rumors that the Mets were wholesale dumping blocks of tickets with ticket brokers at deeply discounted prices, who were then recycling them through StubHub and the other broker sites, which was why there were so many cheap tickets out there for so long. And now, this. This is just about as far rock bottom as you can get. (I was originally going to say “Even the Astros aren’t selling tickets on Groupon” but oh, yes, they are.) As someone who still holds tickets to six games this year, it’s infuriating.… [more]

Feb 8th, 2011


“I’ve got the complaint,” TBF said on Friday afternoon. “All 360 pages.” There was some grumbling in his voice, that he hated that he felt he had to read it, but he also felt that he had to read it. There was no way there would be an important legal decision surrounding the New York Mets that he had access to, and wasn’t going to read and form his own opinions about. I was curious myself, given the drama and the volume and general tone of the internets Friday afternoon after the document was unsealed. By the time I got home on Friday night, around 10 pm, his tone had changed.… [more]


Jan 31st, 2011


Let’s not forget Dave Howard’s appearance (via telephone) on the Fox Business Channel in August 2009, where he confronted reports that the Mets would have to sell. He called claims that the Wilpons would sell was “flat-out wrong,” “false,” “irresponsible,” “very disturbing,” “outrageous” and “unfounded,” noting that the team was “not for sale, in whole or in part.” TBF and I communicate via text message when things are important during the day, since I live in email and he does not. Mostly it’s me sending him news, whether it’s alternate side parking being suspended, Bruce Springsteen being spotted somewhere, Supreme Court decisions, and, of course, the Mets.… [more]