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Jul 2nd, 2006

7-1-06: the battle of good vs. evil

What a major let-down. No, seriously, this is Yankee Stadium. This is the team with the largest payroll. This is supposed to be a monumental fucking event, attending a game there, it’s supposed to be so incredible and so much nicer and the Ultimate. Instead, it’s not much better than Shea. (No, come on, it’s not.) And, at least Shea has decent concourses and enough bathrooms. The food is all more expensive. As TBF continually snarked, “Gotta make up for that payroll somehow.” The food is not that much better – okay, I know. Nothing is going to be Safeco Field with the chocolate-covered strawberries on skewers, and the salmon and chips, and the sushi (although I trusted the sushi at Safeco about as much as I ever trusted the hotdogs at the Kingdome).… [more]


Jun 14th, 2006

welcome to citizens bank park

That was so *not* my favorite moment from last night’s game. The rest of it was just swell, especially for my first out-of-town game! Seriously, I was excited. I just should have gone by myself and done the whole thing from start to finish, but I know people in Philly and was trying to be social. I arrived at Citizens Bank Park by around 5 p.m. I did not have a ticket and I was supposed to be meeting friends for drinks. They were late and by the time I found them (and found the entrance that opened early), I missed batting practice in favor of having a few beers with said Phillies friends.… [more]