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Jul 2nd, 2007

back from philly

So the wifi at the hotel in Philly wasn’t working, and we just rolled in (after a stop in AC – given the traffic we saw at 8pm, we probably saved ourselves a few hours of sitting on 95 by sitting at the tables). And judging by the traffic people are looking for updates! Probably tomorrow after work.(Sorry.) And our freaking DVR got filled up and as a result the freaking All-Star announcements didn’t tape, and we’re catching up now via Baseball Tonight. All I can say right now is JOHN MAINE WAS ROBBED.… [more]


Apr 30th, 2007

THE MAINE EVENT. [04-29-07]

Yes, I realize that last season, I demanded that whoever was bringing those signs to Shea cease and desist immediately, but today, when he left the game, I was ready to make one and hold it up myself. But Johnny Maine gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside, and no that was not from the crab fries at RFK Stadium. Saturday night, we had a family dinner, so we found ourselves listening to the game starting with the 5th inning, then parking the car and running into the house to watch the rest of the game, and then we had friends going onstage at 10:30pm in a bar in the neighborhood.… [more]

Apr 29th, 2007

DC bound

I don’t even know how this idea germinated, all I know is that TBF and I are setting alarms for 7am and driving down to DC tomorrow. Tonight’s best quote: Me, Franco at bat: “Please, get us a hit. if you get us out of this i promise to stop making fun of you.” TBF: “I’ll lay off you for a while. Not forever.”… [more]

pnc park from across the river

Sep 30th, 2006

PNC Park: Roadtrip Report and day 2 photos

Before we head into the post-season officially, I thought I’d upload the last batch of photos, as well as the MG official report on PNC Park: PNC PARK: the review This ballpark has been at the top of TBF’s out of town park visits wishlist since it opened. It was pure coincidence, mixed with boredom and a paycheck rich with overtime hours that sent us to Pittsburgh this particular weekend. TICKETS: The Pirates have a ticket resale option for season ticket holders, but since Pennsylvania law prohibits selling at any kind of markup, there isn’t a lot of inventory.… [more]


Sep 21st, 2006

PNC Park photos, day 1

We’ll just ignore what happened at the actual baseball game that followed the BP at which these photos were taken: The entire set can be viewed here. … [more]


Sep 18th, 2006

have a good time (but get out alive)

Today, at PNC Park, one of the ninety ceremonial opening pitches was thrown out by none other than Punxsutawney Phil. You know, the groundhog? The “renowned meteorological expert” and his “inner circle” who comes out on February 2nd every year and tells us if there’s going to be six more weeks of winter or not. You think I’m kidding? Check this out: Unlikely as it may seem, this was not the most ridiculous sight at PNC Park today. No, the most ridiculous sight at PNC Park today was the Metropolitans 1) not clinching AGAIN, 2) getting beat by the Pirates, and 3) GETTING SWEPT BY THE PIRATES.… [more]

Sep 17th, 2006

it’s cloudy out in pittsburgh

It’s all my fault. No, really. It’s all my fault because I didn’t wear my lucky baseball jeans. I started wearing these last year because they were stretched out perfectly and I could roll up the legs when it was hot and they became the baseball jeans. Unfortunately, though, the baseball jeans have major holes that I have not yet had time to patch, so I didn’t want to sit in them for a seven hour drive to Pittsburgh, and I decided that I would just pack them and wear them to Sunday’s game. So, there, I admitted it. Blame me.… [more]

putz 1

Aug 16th, 2006

metsgrrl tours the safe, part 2

I’d like to start this portion of my Seattle travelogue by acting like a 7-year-old. This man would never survive in the New York area. He could be The Second Greatest Closer In The History of Western Civilization, and he would not make it through half a season. His team could have a J.J. Putz t-shirt day where they dutifully instruct us that his name is pronounced “pootz” – it wouldn’t matter. No one would buy his jersey. No one would add him to their fantasy league. Mike and the Mad Dog would have a running joke daily — no, hourly — over him.… [more]


Aug 15th, 2006

metsgrrl tours the safe, part 1

I have this odd, unintentional history with the Seattle Mariners. I moved to Seattle in March of 1995, which should tell you more or less what you need to know: I was in the right place at the right time, and I had friends who were baseball crazy. I remember being at work at Internet Startup #1 that fall and listening to the Mariners game over the INTERNET. I remember our IT guy Steve, diehard fan with season tickets in the upper deck first row behind home plate, asking people if they would cover for him and allow him to work untraditional hours when the Mariners started to head into playoffs, because (and I quote), “Who knows if I’ll ever get that chance again?” I knew nothing about baseball but I sure understood faith and devotion, so I was more than happy to help him out.… [more]


Aug 8th, 2006

back from the emerald city

TBF and I rolled into town over three hours late, so there’s just time to catch up on the news, the gossip, and upload a couple of pictures before getting to sleep early, so I can get to work early, so I can try to get to the f’in game in time to see the starting lineups announced. I am VERY excited to see the returns of Mr. Piazza and Mr. Cameron, but I also hope we kick their asses. We managed to keep up with Friday’s game via gamecast, Saturday’s game via the out of town scoreboard at Safeco, and Sunday we watched the game later that night – well, we fastforwarded through it – after being out all day and all evening.… [more]