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Apr 21st, 2008


We got home at 1:15am and I was in bed at 1:30am (and then we had to get up at 6:30 to return the car) so no report until tonight. One preview: I GOT TO WATCH A BULLPEN SESSION WITH JOHAN!!! In *PHILLY*! Which will only mean something to those of you who have been to CBP and realize how close the bullpens are to Ashburn Alley.… [more]

Apr 20th, 2008


It’s a good idea to NOT check the Phillies web site at 1am and see if there are any tickets for tonight’s game. Because then you will find seats right behind home plate and what are you supposed to do? Not go? Full report tomorrow.… [more]


Apr 13th, 2008


While we were making our last minute plans to head to Philly on Sunday, we also made tentative plans to head to Pittsburgh in August. Why? To let me get decent photos of Santana. So imagine our surprise and delight when we walked into CBP around 5:30 on Sunday, strolled over to the bullpen, and saw #57 working out. It was cloudy and windy, so there weren’t that many people inside the park when the early gate opened for access to Ashburn Alley. There were even less people at the bullpen. So it was quiet and peaceful and you could blissfully concentrate.… [more]

Feb 24th, 2008


I am not quite sure when and how we started talking about going to Texas to see the Mets play, but it probably came out of the fact that the other possible roadtrips were more expensive. And I am also not quite sure what, exactly, about our half-conscious conversation at brunch this morning triggered a flurry of action once we got home, TBF looking at airfare, me looking at hotels and maps and proximity to ballparks. Several hours later, here’s the tally: 1) Reservation at a 5-star hotel in Downtown Houston, walking distance from the ballpark 2) Reservation at a Holiday Inn Express about 1 hour south of Dallas 3) Rental car reservation booked 4) Provisional airline schedule selected 5) Evaluated all tickets on the market at this time for Houston 6) Plans for ballpark tours to take at both Houston and Dallas 7) A map of the location of every Sonic Drive-In on the route from Houston to Dallas (remember we are the people that made a detour to stop at Sonic in Pennsylvania on the way to and from Pittsburgh two years ago) The itinerary: Friday: Fly out of JFK at 7am, arrive Houston 10am.… [more]


Nov 26th, 2007


We were in Boston on Sunday and Monday the week before Thanksgiving to see Springsteen, and on Monday we had a couple of hours between checking out of the hotel and having to meet friends at the venue. So I said, “Why don’t we take the Fenway tour?” TBF is still cranky at baseball in a major way, but it didn’t take much to persuade him. And, we thought, a random Monday in November, the tour will be empty, right? So it was a plan. As we drove into Boston on Sunday, I realized that despite having been in Boston at least two dozen times in my youth, I had no freaking idea where Fenway Park was in relation to everything else.… [more]


Aug 5th, 2007

VIA CHICAGO. [08-03-07]

It was the morning after a 21 hour day of travel, baseball and rock and roll, so unlike the other blue-and-orange wearing guests at our hotel (and there were plenty), Coop and I did not hobble off in the hot sun towards the Blue Line and a 60-minute El ride to Wrigley. We needed to save our energy, and I was too impatient to sit on the train for any length of time, not when a taxi would have us there in under half an hour. Unfortunately, our hotel seemed unable to successfully procure a cab for us, and it took three requests on our part before one rolled up in front of the lobby.… [more]


Aug 5th, 2007


7:35am LGA to ORD, pick up the rental car, fight traffic, pick up some speed, and we’re passing the Cheese Castle by 10:30 and Miller Park greets us through the windshield by 11am. The parking lots are not packed, but they are full of people who have clearly been there for hours in the hot sun, with their grills and their deep friers and their tents – on a Thursday afternoon. As we make our way through the parking lot, we are gently heckled: “METS fans? Oh, no.” or “You’re not tailgating?” It’s a RELIGION in that state, I tell ya.… [more]

Aug 5th, 2007


I am now going through the 496 photographs (I am not exaggerating) of the last two days, so any detailed posts will have to wait until tomorrow. One small detail to keep it interesting: Thursday night we got to see Pearl Jam play a small (1400 capacity) theater at a fan-club only show. (In a previous life, I was an enormous PJ fan, but it’s been years, really.) Somehow I got tickets, and we drove straight from Miller Park to the theater, got in line, and saw the show. During a short pre-show acoustic set from Eddie Vedder, he announces that he’s going to play a new song that he’s written about the Cubs, since they’re actually doing well this year.… [more]


Jul 2nd, 2007

POINT BREEZE. [7-1-07]

We bought our tickets to these games back when they went on sale. Rightly we assumed that the games would sell out, and we didn’t want to deal with the open market for a frickin road game. So it struck me as odd in the extreme that for the game that sold out first, we were on the field level. But for the game that didn’t sell out for a while (especially when it was slated to be the ESPN Sunday night game) we had this view: We went to breakfast at the infamous Oregon Diner in South Philly. Mindful of the fact that this was 1) South Philly and 2) the Oregon Diner, we were not wearing Mets anything (except my sneakers, and I was even nervous about that), except that TBF forgot to leave his hat in the car.… [more]


Jul 2nd, 2007

KIDS IN PHILLY. [6-30-07]

Despite immaculate planning, and the fact that we could get to Philly blindfolded, we ended up running through the parking lot at Citizens Bank Park as the National Anthem was being sung, and then bobbing and weaving through the lines for Planet Hoagie and Tony Luke’s in order to get to our seats with about five minutes to spare – and even that was only because we knew where our seats were and parked as close to that side of the stadium as possible, entered as close to that location as possible, and that we both had been there before, and that we are pros at running through a crowd of people not inclined to move with any kind of alacrity.… [more]