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Dec 29th, 2009


As I walked to the subway against the bitter cold tonight, I came around the corner on 7th Avenue and there, on the Times Square news ticker, I see JASON BAY SIGNS TO THE METS FOR $65M. I should be thrilled. I should be happy. I should be trash-talking the Red Sox fans in my office. Instead, my reaction is “ehhhhh”. I like Jason Bay. I have always liked Jason Bay. I was sad for Pirates fans and happy for Red Sox fans when he went to Boston. For heaven’s sake, Eddie Vedder once campaigned for him to be in the All Star Game.… [more]

Dec 28th, 2009


We renewed our Friday plan. I didn’t want to do it on principle, but in the end it came down to the fact that we have really good seats (the best we could probably get under the circumstances) and the schedule isn’t terrible, now that they took the 1:10pm middle-of-the-week games out of the Friday plan. We did not renew the weekday plan. The schedule is terrible. We will buy some extra games, Twins and Tigers for sure, and will look to the secondary market for Opening Day. The fact that we renewed one plan is probably why we haven’t gotten a call from the Mets asking us why we aren’t renewing one of our plans.… [more]


Dec 19th, 2009


This was the scene out at Citi Field early this afternoon. Mr. Met was posing for holiday photos, which was a task we prioritized ahead of running to the grocery store. I told Santa Met that I wanted Matt Holliday and Jason Bay for Christmas. He got very excited and clasped his hands together in the prayer position. (Yes. I am five years old.) We were just happy we weren’t the only adults who were there without children. The new cream-colored jerseys were out, but the lighting was abysmal, and I couldn’t get any photos that were representative. (And to be honest, we were trying to get out of there as quickly as possible before BLIZZARD OF DEATH 2009.) Also, they have emptied out about 2/3 of the store, which we’re guessing is because that’s where the Hall of Fame is going to go.… [more]

Dec 11th, 2009


Greetings on the Festival of Lights to my readers of the Hebraic faith. I am out of town for a few days, so have disabled comments until my return. See you next week.… [more]

Dec 11th, 2009


Given the amount of people who have written in to little ol’ me, and the amount of those people who have said that they have written letters to the Mets or spoken to their ticket reps, it continues to astound me that the organization would claim “there’s been no outrage” or that anyone is dissatisfied or not renewing just because of poor offseason moves. This comment I received on the other post sums it all up the best, I think, so I wanted to reprint it separately, for emphasis. Posted by: sbj Location: Forest Hills I used to be one of those guys who would camp out at Shea for 24 hours to get seats.… [more]

Dec 10th, 2009


I was dismayed earlier today to read a tweet from Bart Hubbuch of the NY Post that the Mets admitted that ticket plan renewals were “slow” and that they attributed the slowness to people waiting to see if the Mets would make moves. Once again, they are either oblivious, or doing damage control. Based on the results of the entirely unscientific METSGRRL.COM 2009 METSFAN SURVEY, I can share with you the results of our study below. Out of 33 respondents, 26 said they were NOT renewing, and 7 said they were renewing their ticket plans. I personally was surprised by the reasons given for not renewing.… [more]


Dec 8th, 2009


Twitter has started to make its mark on the Winter Meetings. If you’re on Twitter, and follow beat writers, your head is spinning. I follow beat writers for a handful of teams so I am starting to feel like like an owl. In between all of this are bloggers trying to make their mark, and whose desperation is so far resulting in stupid rumors being written about and Tweeted instantaneously, without any attempt to run down veracity. The ability to follow along in real time is seductive, and it’s fun, if you care about the behind-the-scenes machinations. It’s also frustrating, and infuriating, and heartbreaking, as the image above illustrates.… [more]

Dec 4th, 2009


We finally sat down and had the discussion to consider taking the step of NOT renewing either ticket plan for 2010. Reasons for NOT renewing the ticket plan: 1. No post-season rights. The Mets claim there will be a “presale” for partial plan holders but they can’t tell you how it will work because (and I quote) “We’ve never done one.” Given that the general presales route involves assigning a password so simple a Phillies fan could guess it, please forgive me if I have zero confidence in this providing me with a way into the post-season. And yes, I realize it is ludicrous to discuss the post-season given the last few years but it’s a reason people buy plans.… [more]

Dec 3rd, 2009


It seems as though MLB is trolling the internets, looking for ways to extend its iron fist and remind us who’s boss make up for the fact that MLBlogs are the Geocities of sports blogs protect their trademark. The blog Yankees Universe was served with a cease and desist today and were given a week to comply. (A WEEK. AT CHRISTMAS TIME. AWESOME.) True, they are using a phrase that the Yankees sell, and they did use Yankees logos all over their site. But still. No one is going to confuse their site with the official Yankees site. I wouldn’t be that worried, because I tried very hard to stay away from branding, didn’t use a photo of the Mets or the stadiums as my logo, don’t use the Mets logo anywhere, use all my own photos, etc.… [more]


Dec 1st, 2009


Here’s the email that came in from the Mets yesterday for partial plan holders. I am comforted and, nay, INSPIRED by the confidence and enthusiasm conveyed here. (If there was a sarcasm font, I would have used it.) Monday, November 30, 2009 Renew Your Tickets Dear Mets 15-Game Ticket Plan Holder: Many thanks for your continued support of the Mets. We greatly appreciate your loyalty.(Okay, that’s what the consultant said we had to say.) With the return of our key players (Translation: we aren’t going to sign anyone big so get used to it) and the necessary changes we will make to our roster (like ex-Phillies who begin their career with a move immediately alienating them from the fanbase), we believe we will field a championship-caliber team in 2010.… [more]