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Jan 2nd, 2008


New Year’s Eve chez MetsGrrl and TBF: *alcohol* *hors d’oeuvre from trader joe’s* *baseball scrabble* *more alcohol* *more hors d’oeuvres* *tv countdowns* *flip to channel 1* *flip to channel 7* *flip to channel 4* *11:57pm: “OH MY GOD! TURN IT OFF!! OFF!! OFF!! RIGHT NOW!! OFF!! I CAN’T LOOK AT HIM!!”* *flip to the hindi movie, not because i actually wanted to watch the hindi movie, but because that’s what numbers my fingers hit when i was trying to get a-rod off our television screen before TBF had a coronary* *flip back to channel 7* *happy new year*… [more]


Dec 13th, 2007


Yeah, we’re geeky enough that we printed it out. Player Originally Rumored To Be On The List That I Am Most Glad Is Not On The List: Mike Cameron Player Not Originally On The List That Is The Most Devastating: Paul Lo Duca Player Who Can Rot In Hell And Hopefully Now Not Get Into Cooperstown: The Great Satan… [more]

Dec 3rd, 2007


DISCOUNTED ADMISSION TO MCNY! READ BELOW. So you have read my wonderful reviews of this equally wonderful exhibit, and now you’re realizing, “Oh, crap. It’s December, and the exhibit is going to end soon. I better get myself uptown to the Museum of the City of New York before the exhibit is gone and I feel like an idiot.” But if you need further incentive, Roger Kahn is coming back for another talk! THURSDAY • DECEMBER 6 • 6:30 PM Walter O’Malley, Horace Stoneham, and Robert Moses: When the Dodgers and Giants Left Roger Kahn, considered the dean of American sports writers, moderates an examination of the forces and personalities that led to the departure of the Dodgers and Giants 50 years ago this season.… [more]


Nov 26th, 2007


We were in Boston on Sunday and Monday the week before Thanksgiving to see Springsteen, and on Monday we had a couple of hours between checking out of the hotel and having to meet friends at the venue. So I said, “Why don’t we take the Fenway tour?” TBF is still cranky at baseball in a major way, but it didn’t take much to persuade him. And, we thought, a random Monday in November, the tour will be empty, right? So it was a plan. As we drove into Boston on Sunday, I realized that despite having been in Boston at least two dozen times in my youth, I had no freaking idea where Fenway Park was in relation to everything else.… [more]

Nov 18th, 2007


I thought we escaped disaster when Posada re-signed with the Yankees, and when A-rod didn’t have every team lining up outside his door with gold, frankincense and myrrh, when I stopped hearing the words “Ronnie Paulino” mentioned as though it was some kind of sure thing. I’ll make the obligatory, “Ah, Yorvit, we hardly knew ye,” comment that someone surely has made besides me already. But what I do say is: what, exactly, HAPPENED? And – now what? And the dreaded David Eckstein discussions are happening, again. (I would like to know what the Mets’ standard tour of Greenwich, CT, for prospective team members consists of, exactly.… [more]

Nov 15th, 2007


My first year at Shea, I loved wrapping my vocal chords around the complex Latino names. Heck, what am I saying – I still love it. So the first time I saw the Rockies, the exchange was something like this: “Yor- WHAT?” “Yorvit Torrealba.” “WTF?” “Yorvit. He’s Venezuelan.” “What a great name.” When the rumors started floating around, I immediately thought of Rockies fan and MG reader Kelsey, who has a Yorvit-inspired email address (or at least she uses it to comment on MG). I wrote her at that address and said, “What are you going to do now?” About an hour later, this comment showed up: here’s a nice article you might want to read if you have time about your new catcher.… [more]

Nov 11th, 2007


This wasn’t as bad as TBF made it out to be, grumbling about David Wright laughing about the inglorious end to the season. I felt he was light, but not too light; serious, but not too serious. I am not expecting sackcloth and ashes, but — Wait. No, I am expecting sackcloth and ashes. For a little while longer yet.… [more]


Nov 10th, 2007


I have been waiting for this exhibit to arrive at the main branch of the New York City Public Library for months, because the centerpiece is the original scroll manuscript of On The Road, which is something I have been dying to see. Yes, I know the legend may eclipse the truth, but it still has iconic status for a writer. And the fact that I now work right by the NYPL and pass Patience and Fortitude every morning made it super-convenient. I saw the banner advertising the exhibit Thursday night on my way home, and decided that I would be dropping by on Friday during my lunch hour – not even realizing it was the first day of the exhibit.… [more]


Nov 7th, 2007


Hello, Cranky MetsGrrl here. I’m cranky because I have to get off the subway in the morning and see this cover, along with the competition’s “SHEA HELLO”. Cranky because – HELLO! SCOTT BORAS REPRESENTS OTHER PLAYERS IN BASEBALL, INCLUDING SEVERAL ON THE METS, and, well, Omar might need to discuss those players with him. And cranky because the coverage of the Winter Meetings is just beyond overblown. I’m waiting for the beat writers to start publishing the GM’s tee times because they have run out of things to talk about. Truth is I won’t stop being cranky until Opening Day. … [more]

Oct 30th, 2007


1) Alex Rodriguez. 2) Roger Clemens. 3) Ty Cobb. 4) Alex Rodriguez. 5) David Eckstein. 6) Brett Myers. 7) Any other baseball player who beats his wife. 8) Alex Rodriguez. 9) Alex Rodriguez. 10) Alex Rodriguez. What are we f’ing smoking that we are all suddenly willing to ransom the farm for A-Rod? (Yes, this means you, David Wright.) I am chalking it up to cabin fever and the sudden emptying of our October dance cards. TBF and I went on a mini road trip Saturday night, and actually started talking baseball as we were heading back to Brooklyn and trying to find the game on ESPN radio as we driving back.… [more]