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Dec 28th, 2006

a conversation

“I can’t believe we didn’t get Zito. He wanted to stay in San Francisco.” “No, it’s about the most money.” “And the surfing.” “Nooo. The Boras clients are about money. That’s it.” “But that sucks. I can’t believe he’ll be happy there.” “You know what? Barry can f* off. And when the Mets go to town on his ass, I’m going to laugh.” On a more positive note, we now have plane tickets and hotel reservations for Spring Training in March. —–… [more]

Dec 28th, 2006


Ah, feck. —–… [more]

Dec 20th, 2006


MetsGrrl.com’s undercover reporting staff on the West Coast has supplied us with the following intel! We can exclusively reveal The Contents of Barry Zito’s iPod: The Waiting – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Lone Star State of Mind – Nanci Griffith New York City Serenade – Bruce Springsteen California Sun – The Ramones City of Blinding Lights – U2 That’s Right (You’re not from Texas) – Lyle Lovett New York City – They Might Be Giants Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Clash Twist and Shout – The Who (Live At Shea Stadium) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – AC/DC Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers Freedom of Choice – Devo Livin’ On the Edge (of Houston) – Reverend Horton Heat Given To Fly – Pearl Jam Rockaway Beach – The Ramones The Wait – The Pretenders California Stars – Wilco Within Your Reach – The Replacements Money, Money, Money – ABBA Rotten Apple – Alice In Chains Check Your Head – Beastie Boys No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age Decision or Collision – ZZ Top I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths Add your own suggestions in the comments!… [more]

Dec 18th, 2006

DW stalker alert

MG used to call the Lower East Side home, and was perplexed for some time that article after article would insist that #05 lived down there, because there was no way that would happen without someone knowing about it, writing about it, or blogging about it. (Of course, we would later find out that it was the Upper East Side.) However, today we’re greeted with the news that Mr. Wright is moving to to the Flatiron neighborhood, a hop skip and a jump from Live Bait and the Shake Shack. ´┐ŻAnother fun feature is a very large pantry area,´┐Ż [listing broker] Ms.… [more]

Dec 18th, 2006

take the train to the game

Ever wanted a way to proclaim your love for the 7 train? Now you can, with Subway Buttons. —–… [more]

Dec 16th, 2006

mets weekly, part 2

Yet more gratuitous self-promotion, but this time they used a little bit more commentary from yours truly, talking about the 8/22/06 game against the Cardinals. I think I did pretty good. No, strike that – I *was* good. No “think”. There. And now, stopping to consider the situation, I am completely and totally dumbfounded. In one year, I have gone from knowing virtually nothing about baseball and not having gone to more than maybe a dozen or two games in my entire life, to having an account with the Mets ticket office, going to over 30 games in one year, multiple roadtrips, attending every home playoff game… and now, being on television, talking about baseball and the Mets.… [more]

Dec 14th, 2006

next year’s invoice

It arrived. I know it’s been online for a little while, but I was not looking. I wanted the letter or better, the phone call. A long time ago, TBF told me about how, every year, he waits to get that phone call from the Mets ticket office, trying to entice him to “increase his involvement with the club” and to try to get him to buy a ticket plan. He actively looked forward to this call each year, and back when I first heard the story, told me with great relish how he couldn’t wait for the day that he could answer, “Well, yes, actually, I would like to move up to the next level this year.” I kinda ruined that, I think.… [more]

Dec 10th, 2006

mets weekly

It would figure that the weekend I was engaged with houseguests and Christmas parties in Philadelphia… I would get an email message from Zoe saying “Great soundbyte, hon!” and for me to realize the DVR no longer automatically tapes Mets Weekly. But we were home in time to catch tonight’s 6:30pm rerun and if you managed to watch (or catch one of the gazillion repeats), I am the one in black (wearing my trademark necklace, as seen in the logo – Hey, I had to come from work) talking about Willie leaving John Maine in the game. TBF is ecstatic.… [more]


Dec 5th, 2006

cliff ’em all

What, you thought I’d forgotten or something?! I sat down Thanksgiving week to write about Cliff Floyd and what his presence on the Mets meant to me, and hit complete and total writer’s block. Everything I wrote seemed stupid or pointless, and didn’t come anywhere near capturing why and how #30 became my favorite player on the Mets the first year I rooted for them. He wasn’t the obvious choice, after all, for a girl who started rooting for the Mets for real in 2006. And don’t get me wrong, I love DW and when TBF and I bought each other jerseys at the end of 2005, although I wanted a Floyd jersey, I knew it was a better investment to opt for the one with WRIGHT on the back.… [more]

Dec 2nd, 2006

tommy can you hear me?

THANK MR. MET AND OTHER ASSORTED DEITIES THAT THIS DRAMA HAS COME TO AN END. I started to get irked at the whole back and forth thing, until I decided: If we didn’t have the internet, we wouldn’t have known every time Glavine decided to cut his toenails and every time Omar sneezed and no one would have been standing outside Turner Field reporting, “Today, the guy who changes the toner in the copier at the Braves organization office got a flat tire” just because there had to be SOME news to report. All kidding aside, I am not sure that 100% of the angst was caused by Tommy.… [more]