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Oct 18th, 2006

down to the wire

A SCENE FROM TONIGHT’S GAME: MG: *hiding with hood over her head* TBF: “Can we calm down? It’s only the fourth inning.” MG: “I don’t like this.” *draws hood down further* TBF: “Their bullpen–” MG: “Right, their bullpen is shit, that’s great. What about OUR BATS?” TBF: “Can we come down off the ledge?” MG: “Pot, meet kettle. Where did I learn this?” TBF: “I don’t get loud.” MG: “No, you get catatonic.” TBF: *grump* MG: *pout* Rally Cat: “MEOW” That was most of the night from about the time the Cardinals evened up the score. I got a headache, TBF was grumpy, I was cranky, and we sat on opposite ends of the couch glaring at each other, as though it was personally the other individual’s fault that D.Wright is only averaging .067 in the post-season and that Reyes is swinging at rubber ducks.… [more]

Oct 16th, 2006

“your request is not available at this time”

“We should talk about Detroit.” “MMMph.” “No, we should talk about Detroit.” “Fine.” “Are we going?” “It’s too much money. Flight, hotel, car, it’s $1000 before we’re done.” “We have a place to stay.” I produce the text message from our Detroit friends with whom we have been trash-talking Tigers/Mets for the past few weeks, telling us that we are staying with them if we are coming. “I have a plane ticket,” TBF now relents, “But it’s not that far.” “It’s only 10 hours.” “If we drive, it’s not that expensive. It’s just tickets and food and gas.” We look at each other.… [more]

Oct 16th, 2006

happy sad

I didn’t get to start listening to the game until about 8:30. For those not paying attention, I was at CBGB’s for the closing night tonight. As many of you may have seen on your local news broadcasts, it was a media circus outside that little club on the Bowery tonight, and getting into said club and finding a sweet spot in front of the stage took some time. I took off my sweatshirt and tied it around my waist, revealing my #30 Mets number shirt. (Hey – it was black, so it fit right in.) Feeling a little silly, I took TBF’s little AM radio out of my bag and put an earphone into my ear.… [more]


Oct 15th, 2006

enough is enough

I realize we have larger problems on our hands right now, but a recent Hot Foot post reminded me how pissed off this made me, and I took this photo off Diamondvision at the last home game for precisely this purpose. Feel free to use it as you like. Apropos the aformentioned Hot Foot, this post is required reading. Let’s Go Mets! —–… [more]

Oct 15th, 2006

st. louis blues

I was going to write about this game. No, really. We went off to McFadden’s tonight to partake in the Metsblog-sponored revelry, and I brought my notepad (and TBF his scorecard) and we got there early, parked ourselves at the bar, and prepared for a rousing evening. The evening ended with TBF smacking the scorecard against a planter outside the bar, and him almost ripping the head off of a guy wearing a Yankees hat who stopped us on the way to the train and simply inquired as to the score and actually offered polite condolences when we confirmed it.… [more]

messrs. delgado and green, esq.

Oct 14th, 2006

say it ain’t so

Perhaps we were just a little too cocky tonight, after our recent run of victories. When we walked off the 7 train, TBF spied a guy wearing a Jeff Kent jersey, and proceeded to heckle him. “Jeff Kent sucks! He doesn’t even bother to try!” The wearer of the jersey proceeded to meekly agree with him. That, however, was not what TBF was in the mood for. “Why would you wear a jersey for someone like that…!” I gently prod him forward. “Honey. Less heckle, more walking into the stadium.” I turn to the couple. “Welcome to Flushing.” Tonight we were back on the mezzanine.… [more]


Oct 13th, 2006

where the bright lights and the big city meet

So we ended up in our Game 2 seats tonight, upper level boxes. I didn’t lug the camera tonight because, to be honest, the pictures from the upper deck just aren’t going to be all that worthwhile. But this being Game 1, I was at the wrong angle for the player introductions as well as the wrong height and, of course, I didn’t have the f’ing camera ANYWAY. I start snapping with the cameraphone and then give up because it’s pointless. Our neighbors to our left and right are the same from the NDLS: parent and son, and the other side full of rowdy beer-drinking Dominican/Latino families.… [more]

Oct 12th, 2006

he’s one of all of us

In 2003, when I was still living in Seattle, a band from Portland lost three of its four members in a van accident on I-5. I didn’t know the band, I had never heard their music, but it didn’t matter – the event, the loss, the tragedy of it, still broke my heart. Cliff, predictably, makes some good points about Cory Lidle’s passing: “Whether I played with him or not, he’s one of us. And he’s a human. He’s one of all of us.”… [more]


Oct 10th, 2006

the missing subtitles from cliff’s PSA

Have you ever seen Cliff’s kidney disease public service announcement? Well, I bet you’ve never seen the subtitles for it: ” Hi. I’m Cliff Floyd from the New York Mets, and I’m cooler than you could ever hope to be.” “One of my kidneys is only functioning at 50%. Do you see me whining or dragging my ass across the outfield? That’s right, no you don’t.” “If kidney disease runs in your family, don’t be a wuss. Go get it checked out. NOW. Tell them Floyd sent you.” Cliff, let’s hope we see you in the NLCS lineup tomorrow. If not, I’ll look for you in the World Series.… [more]


Oct 8th, 2006

joe strummer would have been a mets fan

Game 2 put us in the front row of the upper deck boxes, section 22, just a little out from third base. These came from the post-season rights to TBF’s Sunday plan; my plan’s mezz tickets were traded to get us in last night. I am tired and cold and definitely coming down with something, and have brought every article of clothing possible: Mets ski cap. Army surplus fingerless gloves. Brand new scarf I ran into the Gap to buy earlier today. Polar fleece hoodie. Long sleeve shirt. My vintage ’86 jacket. I didn’t have to break out the handwarmers until about the 5th inning.… [more]