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Oct 28th, 2006

well, that was a mistake

When we were walking home from dinner, TBF floated the idea of checking out the game tonight. “It’s an elimination game, you know,” he helpfully provided, because I was not supposed to be paying attention to the game (and for the record, neither was he). This seemed okay to me; I figured I was over it by now. So I turned on the game when it was the top of the 6th inning, and turned the sound on at the top of the 9th inning. TBF is on the phone in the other room and is missing out on the festivities, as it were, and rejected my offer to put the game on pause.… [more]

Oct 26th, 2006

beltran at the bat

I don’t know how I found this, somewhere through the server logs, and it is so very well done (although, of course, so sad; the fact that it is so well done makes it even sadder to me); the adaptation from a science fiction writer. Some people blog when the Mets lose, others adapt poetry. It is funny to see in the comments people who clearly do not realize that it is a loving tribute to this work. … [more]


Oct 25th, 2006

he’s not watching, either

This was the back page of El Diario this morning, which is the newspaper most widely read on the train I take to work. It did my heart good. “Since 1972, Major League Baseball annually has presented an award which recognizes the player who best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual’s contribution to his team.” [Hey, St. Louis, take a gander. You might see something you don’t recognize.] Childishly, I was glad to learn that, even though Delgado was in Detroit yesterday, he didn’t stay and watch the game – from Newsday: “Delgado didn’t plan on staying for the game because he found it painful to watch.… [more]


Oct 20th, 2006

say a prayer for the broken hearted

Last night. What was it like, sitting up there, being at Shea last night? The upper deck shaking and the rally towels waving and the drums and the air horn and something that sounded like a washboard or spoons down on the mezzanine. What was it like, singing along to Bon Jovi and cracking up and smooching TBF because we both hate that song SO much, but last night at Shea, blasting out of the PA, it sounded like the best thing ever. I want to describe how it felt so I can remember it, because I have never felt anything like that before.… [more]


Oct 20th, 2006

my banner from last night


Oct 20th, 2006

only love can break your heart

I was going to blow off posting and go hide on the couch with the cat for a little while, but this is not how Mets Grrl rolls. No. It was there. It was so close. We had every chance in the world. Endy rescued us from the pit of gnawing despair with the one of the best catches you have ever seen, the kind of catch Cliff Floyd would have made when he could have, a miracle catch. Watching TBF’s face as that ball headed towards the Cardinals’ bullpen, seeing his heart sink, and then explode as Endy made that catch.… [more]


Oct 19th, 2006


This photo on Toasted Joe’s blog this morning got me thinking how very apt it was: the Mets really are the Black Knight of MLB this year. If you are one of the four people who has never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, let me explain: King Arthur meets the Black Knight in a forest. He has to fight the knight to cross a bridge. Arthur cuts the knight’s arm off, and thinks that’s the end, that he’s won. You can find the script here if you are unfamiliar with the scene. ARTHUR [LA Dodgers]: Now stand aside, worthy adversary.… [more]


Oct 19th, 2006

won’t get fooled again

Tonight, I would have been happy if we’d gotten to Shea at 4pm. I just wanted to get there, because I felt like the sooner I got there, the sooner the game would start, and the sooner we would know the outcome. My stomach hurt, I couldn’t concentrate on work (as if you couldn’t tell), and I just wanted the clock to say 5:15 so I could leave. Shortly before noon, the phone rang. It was TBF, and he starts babbling to me about Will I sit in section 18 row H and I have no idea what he is talking about.… [more]


Oct 18th, 2006


It’s a little slow today at work – the company I work for is winding down, hence all the job interviewing activity – and reading various Mets-related sites made me wish I had made a sign for the game. We always talk about doing it, and then never get our act together. Usually, I would ask one of our designers to help me make something cool. They can put something together in 15 minutes that would take me hours, and even then anything I did would look like crap. However, at this point, we have one designer left, and he is a Yankees fan – a nice guy, not an arrogant idiot, but still, a Yankees fan.… [more]

Oct 18th, 2006


Not long after we first started dating, TBF lost his lucky hat. Or rather, THE hat, one that had actually seen playoff action. He left it at a restaurant and despite the fact that it was, um, well, kind of icky (from a random person walking in off the street perspective), he never found it again, despite me encouraging him to call the establishment several times. Even though I was not yet MG, he did not need to say more than: it was my Hat. And I understood completely. Inspired by my lovely fashionista, non-baseball friend V., who is spending more time following professional sports these days than she has in her entire life (due to yours truly), I invite you to send in a photo of your lucky hat and I will display it here on metsgrrl.com!… [more]