Apr 24th, 2012


My first game of the year was, not coincidentally, Reyes’ first appearance in New York City. Some people behaved well; some people behaved stupidly. Most importantly, Johan Santana pitched an absolute gem, and despite that, the Mets managed to win the game. Since we don’t have a plan and we’re not going to a lot of games this year, we splurged on good seats for tonight. It was nice to be on the field level for this game, although I have to say that in future we need to avoid sitting behind the dugout. I cannot deal with the incessant clamoring for balls.… [more]

Apr 5th, 2012


Happy Opening Day! This is the first Opening Day in 5 years that I haven’t attended in person. I just can’t spare the vacation day. I thought it would be harder than it was, but it was okay, and I am glad to see that I am genuinely looking forward to Mets baseball. We took advantage of the “please please please buy a ticket from us for Opening Day” special which gave us free tickets for Sunday. So I will see the Mets and the changes to the ballpark before my first officially ticketed game on June 1. Things are quiet here because behind the scenes I am getting things ready to move to a new platform, and don’t want to also have to migrate a ton of new content as well.… [more]


Feb 25th, 2012


Hey, look, it’s a presale code for 2012 Mets tickets! Starting Wednesday, February 29th at 10:00 am, visit this page and use the code “HODGES”. I will refrain from my usual comments about how the passwords and presale process are so transparent as to be useless and fail at creating any kind of feeling of urgency or exclusivity. … [more]


Feb 16th, 2012


Years ago, years before I ever imagined I’d be writing about baseball, my friend Steph in Montreal was writing about it all the time on her web site. She wasn’t a baseball blogger, she just wrote about her life, and her life involved baseball – a lot of it. She would write about going to games with her dad and by herself and about the Expos coming into the restaurant where she worked, and at the end, the very end, she was writing editorials and letters to the editor about why the Expos should stay in Montreal. She was a huge inspiration to me and metsgrrl.com and was the first person I thought of today when we heard the sad news about Gary Carter.… [more]


Feb 16th, 2012


RIP, Gary Carter.… [more]

Dec 4th, 2011


Yeah, I got nothing to say. But I do have 6 years of photographs. … [more]

Oct 4th, 2011

Review of baseball slot game Hot Shot

Baseball is one of the biggest sports in the States, holding the title of America’s National Game, and online casino sites have been quick to capitalise on this appeal by providing slot games themed around it. Although it is not the only one around, the five reel video slot Hot Shot does seem to be the one that has grabbed the hearts and minds of baseball fans – as well as those for whom the attraction is casino gaming. So just what is it about this particular slot game that makes it a home run hitter for both baseball and casino fans?… [more]


Sep 29th, 2011


Tuesday night, I sat in the first row of the promenade reserved infield, leaned over the railing, held my breath and watched Jose Reyes on third base, a base he had obtained by getting a single and then strolling over to second on a throwing error and then, of course, stealing third base. This was after watching Jose Reyes make the Home Run Apple light up not once but twice, improbably, impossibly, twice – once was amazing but twice just felt supersonic. And now he was doing what he does best, which is annoy pitchers as he dances while taking a healthy lead down the baseline.… [more]

Sep 12th, 2011


The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Commissioner 245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor New York, NY 10167 Dear Commissioner Selig: Your actions at last night’s Mets-Cubs game at Citi Field on 9/11/11 were reprehensible. Not allowing the Mets players to wear the NYPD and other First Responder hats – at a meaningless game you co-opted as a platform to grandstand MLB’s relevancy – was inexcusable. Learning that you not only denied the Mets’ official request to wear the hats, but that a MLB representative went the extra yard to confiscate them from the team at the conclusion of the pre-game ceremonies, so that no one could defy your order and do the right thing and wear them anyway, makes me ashamed to be a fan of Major League Baseball.… [more]

Aug 24th, 2011


We knew it was bad. We knew there were rumblings. I had people coming to this site and posting comment after comment insisting that the Wilpons had no money problems, that to say otherwise was bullshit (and worse). We heard the rumors that the Mets were wholesale dumping blocks of tickets with ticket brokers at deeply discounted prices, who were then recycling them through StubHub and the other broker sites, which was why there were so many cheap tickets out there for so long. And now, this. This is just about as far rock bottom as you can get. (I was originally going to say “Even the Astros aren’t selling tickets on Groupon” but oh, yes, they are.) As someone who still holds tickets to six games this year, it’s infuriating.… [more]