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Aug 17th, 2009


Dear incompetent ninnies: On a day where heat advisories are being issued, and people are being told to stay indoors and near air conditioning, YOU LET PEOPLE BRING IN BOTTLES OF WATER. OPENED OR NOT. PERIOD. It is UNCONSCIONABLE to disallow perfectly fine bottles of water because they are open in weather like this. Take the extra five minutes that you’re using to try to confiscate a woman’s asthma inhaler and open a bottle and smell it. It is unconscionable that you disallow empty bottles – if you’re allowing full sealed bottles in the ballpark, eventually they are going to be EMPTY bottles, so what is the point of banning empty bottles?… [more]

Apr 4th, 2007

Welcome to the new MetsGrrl!

Hi! Welcome to the new digs. Please take this moment to update your bookmarks, as the old Blogger site will no longer be updated and will disappear eventually. You can use CTRL+D to set a bookmark in Firefox and IE. If you use a newsreader, you can subscribe to the new RSS feed over in the left-hand sidebar < ———. Thanks for visiting!… [more]