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Jul 16th, 2010


This was how I watched Carlos Beltran’s first at bat this season: Ensconced at Angel Stadium just behind the visitor’s dugout. The Mariners were in town, and although we were quietly rooting for the M’s to win, alas, it was not to be. You can read more about Angel Stadium over at All Down The Line. A few choice game shots follow after the jump, just because I can. Tomorrow we are at PETCO Park; tour in the afternoon, Padres v Diamondbacks (Dan Haren v Jon Garland). [more]

Jul 16th, 2010


It's old, it's odd, it's quirky, it's a stone's throw from Disneyland and fits in perfectly with its surroundings. Angel Stadium is definitely one of the most interesting ballparks I have had the pleasure to visit. I was not expecting this of an older park stuck in the middle of a parking lot in Orange County.

Jul 5th, 2010

Nationals Park

Nationals Park is a clean, tidy, pleasant place to watch a ballgame. The seating bowl is sweeping and elegant, there are places to wander, picnic tables to commandeer, and places to socialize. It is not the most elegant or beautiful ballpark you will ever visit, but it certainly does its job adequately, and does it aimed at the majority of people who will visit it.

Jul 4th, 2010

Target Field

It'd be awfully hard to not love Target Field.


Jul 4th, 2010

TROUBLE FUNK. [7-3-10]

It’s all fun and games until somebody pokes an eye out. Or, to put it another way, until Frankie comes in for the save on the road. I had rejected a trip to DC this year because I am about to leave on a 11-day, 6 ballpark west coast roadtrip, and had just returned from seeing Target Field. It was Stras-exaggerated-word-to-describe-otherwise-promising-rookie-pitcher-whatever. It was 4th of July weekend. Prices were out of control. All of these reasons for not going made uncommon good sense until TBF presented me with the existence of two tickets in row 1 of the upper level, just off home plate, reasonably priced considering, at 8pm Friday night.… [more]


Jun 25th, 2010

DRIVER 8. [6-18-10]

Mets v Yankees 6-18-10 I am not a big fan of the 1-0 game. Or let me restate that: I am a big fan of the pitching duel, if that is what we are presented with, but I am never a fan of 1-0. I can never sit there confidently and know, absolutely believe with all my heart, that my team is going to shut down the opposition solidly. 1-0 makes my stomach hurt. 1-0 has me sitting on the edge of my seat because I’m unwilling to be comfortable for any second, as though my personal level of attention to the action on the field will ensure victory.… [more]


Jun 19th, 2010


Mets v Yankees 6-19-10 Subway Series When a post title is the title of a song I hate by a band I hate, you have to know that it was a miserable day for me in the Bronx. It was miserable because we had our newly-minted ace on the hill, who was not acting at all ace-like. It was miserable because Jose hit two HR’s and it didn’t make a difference. It was miserable because the bats had vanished. It was miserable because the Yankees decided to bring some offense. Oh, what am I saying – it was miserable because we lost.… [more]


Jun 14th, 2010


One of the best parts about road games is the ability to get better access to BP than I can at my home park. More great photos after the jump. My favorite part was watching the players long toss. It was interesting to see who was paired up with who; for example, Barajas was tossing to Blanco, and was definitely trying to throw a knuckleball. When Rod was signing autographs at the dugout later on, TBF said, “I saw you throwing that knuckleball. How’s your slider?” Rod laughed and said his curve was better. For the life of me, I still don’t understand why the Mets changed the BP access at Citi Field.… [more]

Jun 6th, 2010

Target Field Tours

Geekily, I have been waiting for the Twins to put the tickets onsale for the June tours.

May 13th, 2010

Twins tickets in!

We had given up finding something suitable and affordable, until I checked the Twins site just one more time. Twins fans are overly impressed; to a New York baseball fan, these were remarkably affordable. These are gorgeous - and this is the single game ticket stock, not Season Ticket stock! Beautiful.