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Jul 25th, 2010




Jul 24th, 2010


The end came as it always does, ingloriously, us beating a hasty retreat up the stairs to the concourse so we can get out of the ballpark as quickly as we can. Oliver Perez may still have been standing there; I don’t know, because I wasn’t looking. Randy Newman booming out “I Love L.A.” as we bob and weave through the Dodgers fans who are strolling confidently out of Dodger Stadium as though their triumph was somehow predestined and they hadn’t run out of position players and didn’t throw an uneffective Broxton, Weaver and then Sherrill. By the time we navigated the acres of parking lots back to our rental car, we couldn’t even remember which Dodger had teed off of Oliver and had to look it up on Gameday so TBF could complete his scorecard.… [more]


Jul 24th, 2010


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Back on Saturday for hopefully the next game of the new winning streak, and the last game of my West Coast roadtrip. … [more]


Jul 23rd, 2010

FREE FALLING. [7-22-10]

It was almost love at first sight, me and Dodger Stadium. It was just as gorgeous as all of the photographs. The sky was bluer than blue, the palm trees silhouetted in the distance, the air crisp and clean. History hung heavy in the place. There were families and teenagers and a sprinkling of Mets fans. I sat in seats two rows behind the fancy-shmancy seats right behind home plate, my seats just as good except that I didn’t have a free buffet in the club downstairs. I sat there and felt enormously lucky. It has been an amazing trip. Dodger Stadium is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful.… [more]


Jul 22nd, 2010

THIS ONE GOES TO 14. [7-21-10]

However bad you think it might have been, sitting in Chase Field tonight, let me assure you it was worse. It was worse because there was, again, negative offense; because Jason Bay achieved the Golden Sombrero, because the guys behind us said things like Luis Castillo was the Mets’ version of Eric Byrnes, because the dad in the front row behind the dugout wearing the Affliction shirt waved at the cameras and taught his son to wave at the cameras at every single goddamn opportunity. There was that goddamn snake noise, there was an acrobatic mascot with a mask that looked like a homeless Disney fox running around the field, there was a large scary Randy Johnson running around the other side of the field.… [more]


Jul 21st, 2010


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. … [more]


Jul 21st, 2010

GET BACK. [7-20-10]

After the game ended, we went in search of food. We walked out of the restaurant around 10:15 pm, waved goodbye to our companions, and headed for the light rail station. The area around the ballpark was deserted; it was a Tuesday night, after all. The game had lasted a brisk two hours and twenty-three minutes, and it wasn’t a sellout; everyone had already headed for home. I wasn’t exactly worried but I also wasn’t pulling out my phone or camera as we waited for the train. Luckily, it pulled up in less than five minutes, and we climbed on board.… [more]


Jul 19th, 2010

METS BP AT AT&T PARK, 7-18-10.

The park was empty, the light was beautiful, and I love taking photos of BP on the road, where I have the kind of great access I can’t get at home. Be sure to also see the full post about yesterday’s game. The full set, as usual: Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. … [more]


Jul 19th, 2010

THE ARGUMENT. [7-18-10]

This was going to be a fairly boring post. It was going to consist of multiple lovely photographs of the various members of the New York Mets standing at home plate and swinging, and of Johan Santana throwing pitches. If I was lucky, I would have one or two baserunners crossing home plate, and hopefully at the end, some celebration shots on the field. Instead, the game turned into an extra innings drama that was for once not entirely caused by one Francisco Rodriguez. (Please note that ‘entirely’ there.) Between Frankie, Jerry Manuel, and Phil Cuzzi at home plate, it was a freaking soap opera being played out within my hearing distance.… [more]


Jul 18th, 2010


It was Tim Lincecum Bobblehead Day. There is some kind of San Francisco bobblehead mania this year, which meant that we turned up at AT&T Park around 2pm to find the lines already extending far off into the distance. Even if we didn’t want a bobblehead (fat chance), we had to wait on line so we could get in the park early, so we could see the actual park. It was hot. It was sunny. We couldn’t open our water because then we couldn’t bring it in. Luckily, the Giants sent vendors out to work the lines. You could buy water, ice cream, commemorative Jon Miller Hall of Fame programs, and fuzzy panda hats.… [more]