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Dec 23rd, 2012

Au revoir, R.A. Dickey

I know, I know: a new post on metsgrrl.com. It’s been a year of sadness and despair and disappointment and just plain nothing-ness on the baseball front. I went to Europe, I wrote a book, and did a lot of other things with my money besides spend it on the New York Mets. A terrible baseball ennui took hold of me in 2012 and very few things took me out of it. One of those things was R.A. Dickey. He was a reason I considered spending money on Mets tickets. He was a reason I sat and watched or listen to a game.… [more]

Mar 14th, 2010


You have looked at my list, and you are thinking that I am insane, or smoking crack, or seriously deluded. You will ask how I can rank X above Y, how I could even THINK to say that A was better than B, that I am wrong, oh so very wrong. But the beauty of this is that there is no right and wrong, really, because it is all subjective. It took me months to get this list together and it will only last until I visit the next new park. The wheels will completely come off this bus once I get to the West Coast (although I forsee being disappointed by Dodger Stadium, underwhelmed by Chase and PETCO, nervous about AT&T, and completely neutral towards Oakland [I saw the Rolling Stones there, I know it's a dump]). Even within my own house there is no agreement on the order of ballparks, so I do not expect there to be a large wave of agreement here among the greater baseball-loving public.