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Oct 3rd, 2008


Today I’m posting some favorites from Sunday. I am lucky to have been there and lucky to have a good camera that I am reasonably skilled at using and feel the need to share. I have changed my license in Flickr so that every photo in this post is available for download for your personal, non-commercial use. (If you’d like to use something on your blog, please just drop a note and ask first.) Fonzie, with the fans: [You can download the original here.] Doc and Darryl: [You can download the original here.] #41 enters: [You can download the original here.] Lined up: [Too many interesting things going on to crop.] John Franco crosses the plate: [You can download the original here.] Keith being Keith: [You can download the original here.] Mikey approaching the plate: [You can download the original here.] The last pitch: (I didn’t crop this one because you miss out on too much if I did.… [more]


Aug 5th, 2008


Until I get everything written up, some highlights and some links: The Ballpark In Arlington Mets v. Astros, Minute Maid Park, 8/3/08 Minute Maid Park, 8/1/08 – BP, Tour, pre-game[more]


Jun 2nd, 2008


513 photos, only two edits (on the train and just now) and I gotta sleep. Here’s a selection below, the write up and the rest tomorrow evening. [more]


Apr 13th, 2008


While we were making our last minute plans to head to Philly on Sunday, we also made tentative plans to head to Pittsburgh in August. Why? To let me get decent photos of Santana. So imagine our surprise and delight when we walked into CBP around 5:30 on Sunday, strolled over to the bullpen, and saw #57 working out. It was cloudy and windy, so there weren’t that many people inside the park when the early gate opened for access to Ashburn Alley. There were even less people at the bullpen. So it was quiet and peaceful and you could blissfully concentrate.… [more]


Sep 30th, 2007


The fans. I’m still not ready to write about today’s game, but I wanted to put up something, and what I decided I wanted to put up was photos of everything EXCEPT the players. We were there all season, giving the Mets the highest attendance record in the history of the franchise, and making them untold amounts of $$$$$ in the process. The fans, who were waiting in line, begging for tickets; who brought signs and banners and whistles; and, when they couldn’t get into the stadium, stood on the steps to the 7 train rotunda just for a glimpse of the field.… [more]


Aug 5th, 2007


I figured I would get these photos out of the way since most people are only going to want to look at these anyway. Ed Vedder at batting practice at Wrigley on 8/3/07, talking to Sandy Alomar, Scott Schoeneweis, throwing out the first pitch, and walking back to the dugout with Kerry Wood, and hanging out with Rickey Henderson. (See the comments for the update about the last one.). If anyone can tell me how Vedder and Schoeneweis are such good buddies, I will owe you a beer. [more]

May 15th, 2007


Click here to view the entire set on flickr. A small preview: … [more]


May 4th, 2007

FRIDAY PHOTO. [5-4-07]

In honor of Dr. Randolph’s upcoming honorary doctorate from my alma mater this weekend (College at Lincoln Center, represent!), this week’s Friday Photo is one of my favorite photos of Willie, chatting with Cliff Floyd during BP in Pittsburgh last year.… [more]


Apr 27th, 2007


In tribute to #44, who is regrettably on the DL after a great season so far down in New Orleans. While I was one of the fans who felt that Lastings Milledge got a bad rap last year, I was also one of the fans that wasn’t particularly fond of some of the attitude I saw displayed (and I don’t mean the hand-slapping, either). But seeing him in Spring Training was like seeing a brand-new guy out there. In a funny story related to us by someone who works at Tradition Field (but will remain nameless), apparently Willie told Milledge to get a haircut.… [more]


Apr 20th, 2007


I wrote on Wednesday, forgot to publish it on Thursday, and now it’s Friday, but never too late: Johnny Maine is MG’s Photo Of The Week. Inspired by Johnny Maine’s Almost-No-Hitter: Last September, we journeyed to Pittsburgh to see the Mets play two games against the Pirates at the beautiful PNC Park. This was a random trip inspired by baseball fever combined with seeing the park during the All-Star Game and wanting to see it in person. We believed the Mets were going to clinch long before that weekend, but instead, it turned into The Weekend The Mets Were Supposed To Clinch (But Instead Got Swept By The Pirates).… [more]