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Apr 8th, 2008


Now defunct. In honor of the last season, for those of you out-of-towners headed for Flushing to see the old gal before they knock her down (can’t implode buildings in the NYC limits any more), I present to you The MetsGrrl Guide To Shea Stadium. Obviously, this is not for the people who are out in Flushing every week. BUYING TICKETS Unless you’re trying to come to see the Subway Series, a Saturday game, or flying thousands of miles, you probably don’t need to buy tickets months in advance if it’s just important for you to be in the stadium. Keep in mind, however, you’re not the only one thinking this – there are hundreds of thousands of people in the Tri-State area who want to take Grandpa or the kids or their nephew to Shea one last time.… [more]

Aug 3rd, 2007


It was the morning after a 21 hour day of travel, baseball and rock and roll, so unlike the other blue-and-orange wearing guests at our hotel (and there were plenty), my charming companion, the lovely Coop of My Summer Family and I did not hobble off in the hot sun towards the Blue Line and a 60-minute El ride to Wrigley. We needed to save our energy, and I was too impatient to sit on the train for any length of time, not when a taxi would have us there in under half an hour. Unfortunately, our hotel seemed unable to successfully procure a cab for us, and it took three requests on our part before one rolled up in front of the lobby.… [more]

Aug 2nd, 2007


7:35am LGA to ORD, pick up the rental car, fight traffic, pick up some speed, and we’re passing the Cheese Castle by 10:30 and Miller Park greets us through the windshield by 11am. The parking lots are not packed, but they are full of people who have clearly been there for hours in the hot sun, with their grills and their deep friers and their tents – on a Thursday afternoon. As we make our way through the parking lot, we are gently heckled: “METS fans? Oh, no.” or “You’re not tailgating?” It’s a RELIGION in that state, I tell ya.… [more]

Jul 1st, 2007


Citizen's Bank Park is a little bandbox of a ballpark that has its pros and cons.

Sep 16th, 2006


Boredom, excessive overtime, and general baseball craziness created the circumstances under which we originally conceived of an excursion to Pittsburgh. Of course, by the time the games rolled out, it turned out to be the weekend the Mets could have clinched the division. Could have. TICKETS: The Pirates have a ticket resale option for season ticket holders, but since Pennsylvania law prohibits selling at any kind of markup, there isn’t a lot of inventory. We did, however, get great behind-the-dugout seats that way. There was a reasonable selection on eBay as well, and we bought front row outfield seats from a season ticket holder.… [more]

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