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Apr 6th, 2009


We strolled down to Great American Ball Park a little before 2pm the day before Opening Day, our plan being to see the Reds Hall of Fame. We deliberately chose to get into town early so we could visit the Hall of Fame the day before the game, and avoid the crowds. It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day, the day that should be tomorrow, and on our way there, we passed dozens of red-shirted fans heading back from the ballpark. When we turned the corner and were about to head for the Hall of Fame, we noticed that the gates to the ballpark were open and people were walking out.

Feb 27th, 2009


We returned to the Hall, and made our way back to the second floor to continue the chronological exhibit. We moved on to 1930-1970, enjoying the exhibits, learning some things (“I did not know Jason Varitek caught FOUR no-hitters!”), laughing at some others (“I cannot believe they have the pine tar bat!”), and going “OH WOW” more than a few times: (That would be an “oh wow” in case you weren’t sure.) (Regretfully, my photo of the Seaver exhibit turned out blurry – I was checking all the photos after I took them but clearly missed this one. It is hard to photograph here, and I was trying to balance wanting to photograph with wanting to enjoy viewing and sharing the moments and talking with my companion.) Once you’ve gone through the chronology, the next room is for current history, and it’s set up like a clubhouse, with lockers all around the periphery, one for each current team.… [more]

Feb 2nd, 2009


I started wondering when I would be baseball-savvy enough to appreciate a trip to Cooperstown since around the middle of the 2007 season. It was tentatively on the books for 2008, and I started actively campaigning for this trip in 2009 once we were done with baseball and almost through nursing our heartbreak. At the end of January, I put my foot down, and we picked a weekend. Plans were made. We left on a Saturday morning at 6:30am, heading up 87, and then meandering through rolling snowy countryside. When we pulled into town, TBF promptly made the wrong turn, only for us to then realize that you can’t really get lost, and two turns later, we were on Main Street…where every other store has the word “baseball” in the name or is selling something to do with baseball.… [more]