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Aug 17th, 2011


Call me cynical, but it’s hard for me to read about this and not think, “We just don’t have enough group sales to fill those crappy Big Apple seats so we’ll cave and do one of those social media nights that the kids are into these days.” For $41: Seating in the exclusive Big Apple Reserved section $18 food and beverage credit [so essentially your ticket is $23, which is about what the Big Apple seats are worth in my opinion] “Connect” T-Shirt and name tag sticker [Generic MLB shirt with Mets branding] Automatically eligible for in-game Twitter giveaways during each inning I hate the Big Apple seats and find them to be very, very overpriced, even with a $18 food and beverage credit (because they only do that because they hope that most people won’t use all $18 of theirs) and the rest of me says, “NO ONE ON AT&T WILL HAVE SIGNAL ANYWAY.” Let’s take a look at what other teams are doing for Social Media Night.… [more]

My seats for tonight

May 17th, 2011


That was my view of the game Monday night, the view from the Citi Field press box. The Mets PR team invited some bloggers out for what are now regular events; this time we took a food tour of Citi Field (I’m still working on that writeup). At some point during the event, we were extended the opportunity to watch the game from the press box, or to sit in the lovely field level seats provided to us by the Mets. Almost everyone jumped at the chance to sit in the press box. I have to admit, walking into the press box was a little intimidating at first.… [more]


May 5th, 2011


The highlight of tonight’s loss against the Giants was a large group of fans up in Section 516, towards the top of the park. They caught my attention early in the game when they attempted to get a “R!” “A!” call-and-response going at the second out, and more when they brought out a drum and started singing Daniel Murphy’s name to the tune of “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes: “Dannnnieelll Murrrphyyyy…..Dannnnieelll Murrrphyyyy…..” “Is that ‘Hava Nagila’ they’re using for Ike Davis?” TBF said, when #29 came up to bat. It was indeed, a chant for Ike Davis, set to that popular folk tune.… [more]


Mar 12th, 2011


This just in: The Mets have also announced “Mr. Met’s Landing,” a new, specially priced area of the ballpark. Tickets in sections 338 and 339 in Citi Field’s Left Field Landing are $10 for kids 12 and under and $20 for adults ($20 and $30 respectively for four Marquee dates). Mr. Met will visit both sections during every home Mets game. For a family of four – two adults and two children – the real price of this section will be $81, because of the $4 per ticket and $5 per order service charge. (Yes, I am going to be tiresome about this this year.) More after the jump.… [more]


Mar 9th, 2011


The team has recently initiated a broad shake-up of its ticket operations. Over the last several months, Bill Ianniciello, the longtime head of ticket sales, was replaced by Leigh Castergine, an executive brought in to overhaul the department in the wake of last year’s steep decline in attendance. Mets Could Feel Financial Squeeze Beyond Opening Day, New York Times, 2/26/11 In all of the Madoff/Wilpon madness over the past few weeks, this particular bit of news appeared to be glossed over. It doesn’t surprise me when issues regarding ticket sales get ignored; beat writers don’t buy tickets and they sit in the press box.… [more]


May 7th, 2010


For the last Sunday home game at Citi Field, which was the Sunday pm-ESPN night game switcheroo, we picked up deeply discounted tickets in the Caesar’s Club Platinum, which are the first two rows of the Caesar’s Club. That specific location was important, because we wanted access to the Delta Sky 360 Club, because the chances of us being able to afford this on a frequent basis in the very near future are likely close to zero. Our seats were very close to home plate, right in front of the press box. You can access the Delta Club via the VIP entrances, but since there were no lines, we went in through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.… [more]


Jul 18th, 2009


2011 UPDATE IN PROGRESS: Key things updated, like new gate opening times, ticketing options & service charges, and tour info. I need a few more visits before it’s finalized. Welcome to Citi Field, home of the 2011 New York Mets. This is the fan guide, the unofficial guide, the list of things that I, as a fan coming to visit the place, would want to know. it is not meant to replace any official information offered by the Mets and MLB, which should remain your official source of information. This guide to Citi Field is highly subjective, representing the experience of a Mets fan who goes to 25-30 games a year.… [more]

Jun 24th, 2009


In the spirit of cross-town cooperation, and because I got inside intel when I went to the House of Evil, I’d like to offer the following quick guidelines for the weekend: 1) You can bring drinks into Citi Field. No bottles and no cans, but plastic bottles are fine. It would be best if they were unopened – the policy has been enforced inconsistently, I wouldn’t take chances this weekend on getting something open in. 2) You can bring food into Citi Field. Knock yourself out. Doesn’t even need to be in a clear plastic bag. 3) You can bring bags into Citi Field, but don’t be silly and try to bring a wheeled carry-on or a large backpack or anything ridiculous like that.… [more]


Mar 4th, 2007

citifield construction update

TBF and I were out in Queens on Saturday to visit the Robert Moses exhibition at the Queens Museum of Art. (Yes, we dorkily made all those “This is Tom Glavine of the New York Mets. Discover Queens.” jokes.) While we were in the area, we made a small detour over to Shea to check out what was going on with construction at Citifield, and I brought my camera along. The construction crews were busily at work, even on a Saturday. [Tip: be sure to click through to see the larger versions of these photos.] This will be the view from left field towards the stands.… [more]