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Dec 20th, 2006


MetsGrrl.com’s undercover reporting staff on the West Coast has supplied us with the following intel! We can exclusively reveal The Contents of Barry Zito’s iPod: The Waiting – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Lone Star State of Mind – Nanci Griffith New York City Serenade – Bruce Springsteen California Sun – The Ramones City of Blinding Lights – U2 That’s Right (You’re not from Texas) – Lyle Lovett New York City – They Might Be Giants Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Clash Twist and Shout – The Who (Live At Shea Stadium) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – AC/DC Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers Freedom of Choice – Devo Livin’ On the Edge (of Houston) – Reverend Horton Heat Given To Fly – Pearl Jam Rockaway Beach – The Ramones The Wait – The Pretenders California Stars – Wilco Within Your Reach – The Replacements Money, Money, Money – ABBA Rotten Apple – Alice In Chains Check Your Head – Beastie Boys No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age Decision or Collision – ZZ Top I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths Add your own suggestions in the comments!… [more]


Oct 20th, 2006

say a prayer for the broken hearted

Last night. What was it like, sitting up there, being at Shea last night? The upper deck shaking and the rally towels waving and the drums and the air horn and something that sounded like a washboard or spoons down on the mezzanine. What was it like, singing along to Bon Jovi and cracking up and smooching TBF because we both hate that song SO much, but last night at Shea, blasting out of the PA, it sounded like the best thing ever. I want to describe how it felt so I can remember it, because I have never felt anything like that before.… [more]

Sep 24th, 2006

an ode to section 12

Section 12. Row E. Seats 3 & 4. It’s not so much my seats I want to celebrate here but the ones of the people around me, the section 12 regulars from Tuesday and Friday: ROW E, SEATS 1 & 2: Julia & Miriam are two sisters from Middle Village. More than anyone else in the Tuesday/Friday crowd, I owe them a debt of gratitude. I am gregarious by nature and befriended the other T/F folks in the row behind me anyway, but having the girls – passionate fans but not number freaks – made it warmer and a little less lonely in those early days, when I would be text-messaging TBF throughout the games.… [more]

Sep 20th, 2006

real girls don’t wear pink

At my first Mets game of 2005, I made noises on the 7 train about how I wanted a Mets hat. So, at the very first merchandise stand we encountered, TBF happily accomodated this request. No, it was not the classic blue hat with orange button that Mr. Purist wears, but it was black and white and had the NY logo and was very MG (before she was MG), and I loved it. But my hat is not a woman’s hat. And as I became more interested in acquiring Mets merchandise, I was appalled to discover what MLB and the Mets considered to be appropriate (or desirable) wear for female baseball fans.… [more]

Aug 23rd, 2006

the cardinals wanna wear my red shoes

The Cardinals wear red shoes as part of their uniform. I found it striking, and stylish in the extreme. Speaking as the woman who wishes fervently that she could design her own Converse All-Stars in Mets colors, it was something I idly pondered during the early innings of tonight’s game. I wasn’t going to tonight’s game. As of late last week, I had told TBF to look for someone to give my ticket to. I offered it to the sisters who sit next to us, but their parents were going tonight. I thought about offering it to the father with the gazillion adorable red headed sons of all ages who sit behind us (he has two seats and has to buy extras to accomodate the other offspring).… [more]

Jul 22nd, 2006

subete = come on board: 7-21-06

Somehow, we forgot that tonight was also Merengue Night. In fact, it didn’t occur to us, despite the female security roughing up (that was so not a ‘pat down’), the free t-shirts reading “Los Mets de Nueva York” (omg, this is my new favorite Mets shirt), and the fact that during our usual meander up to the mezzanine we were accosted every time we turned a corner: “Can I help you?” “Where are you going?” Um, to our seats, the ones we sit in every Tuesday and Friday, I mutter under my breath. Upon arrival, Diamondvision clued us in: “Ohhhhhhh.” Oh.… [more]

Jul 14th, 2006


I have a deep, dark secret to confess: I did not always love Mr. Met. My main exposure to baseball began in Seattle, with the Mariners. I moved out there in 1995 (I know, good timing.) I had plenty of “baseball friends” out there who gladly shared their tickets with me – to the Kingdome, and later, to Safeco Field. I loved the Mariner Moose the first time I saw him. “You mean — the mascot is a big, fuzzy, adorable moose?!” How could you not love that? Combined with the fact that I had a running joke for years about a stuffed moose companion called the Majestik Moose, it was true love.… [more]

May 21st, 2006


It was, at once, less epic and more epic than I imagined it would be And I mean “epic” in the traditional definition of the word: Webster puts it as “extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope”. It was David vs. Goliath, it was the underdogs triumphing against evil. The Mets spent the previous week downplaying the entire series which was a colossally right thing to do, because the mindfuck would have otherwise overpowered them to the point where the MFY’s would have triumphed. You can say it’s just another game, that interleague play is stupid at this point, but in a town like New York, which has a cross-town sports rivalry that DOES NOT EXIST ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY (don’t start.… [more]