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Apr 12th, 2008


I’ll confess that I didn’t want to go to the game tonight. We had actually talked about getting rid of the tickets, and had tried to get rid of the tickets, but who on earth wants to spend $50+ to go to Shea in April on a Friday night to see Nelson Figueroa, especially with Santana starting the very next day? It had been a long week, lots of early starts for me, and we were heading right back to Shea on Saturday, weather gods permitting. It would be okay, right, to skip this one, sit it out? Maybe send TBF out to Flushing with my ticket and if he got rid of it, great, if not, well, we’d already paid for it.… [more]


Jan 30th, 2008


In a development like few others in franchise history, the Mets have put themselves in position to change the dynamic of their team, their upcoming season, their place in the New York sports spectrum and their foreseeable future. –Marty “Eternal Raincloud” Noble So this is what it feels like? I was walking to the train last night with a undeniable spring in my step, which had arrived about the same time as the USA Today story. I sat at my desk at work, trying to concentrate, and doing the happy dance in my chair. JOHAN SANTANA! I sent text messages to friends that read OYE COMO VA.… [more]

Oct 1st, 2007

LAST TO DIE. [09-30-07]

The MG+TBF house was in a fever pitch from, well, the last pitch last night, and we were up early, at Shea just shy of 11, parked under Northern Boulevard for the first time in over a year. I wanted to wander around and take pictures, and hoped we could find the “Meet the Mets” camera and tell them, We know the second verse, let us sing! I want to say that people were cautiously optimistic, not quite ebullient, but hope. There was plenty of hope. There was a drop line at the box office, and plenty of people looking for tickets.… [more]

Sep 28th, 2007


From the home office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we bring you tonight’s TOP TEN LIST: 10. “They just need to make Julio Franco a coach instead of a player, and that void in the lineup won’t be a problem any more.” 9. “Omar’s not done making trades yet. He’ll pull some rabbit out of his pocket again.” 8. “None of the beat reporters speak Spanish fluently. How is it possible to be a baseball writer in 2007 and not speak Spanish?” 7. “It’s a cultural thing. We’re making assumptions about their reactions or attitude based on the white cultural hegemony.” (Yes, I really did say “hegemony.”) 6.… [more]


Aug 5th, 2007

VIA CHICAGO. [08-03-07]

It was the morning after a 21 hour day of travel, baseball and rock and roll, so unlike the other blue-and-orange wearing guests at our hotel (and there were plenty), Coop and I did not hobble off in the hot sun towards the Blue Line and a 60-minute El ride to Wrigley. We needed to save our energy, and I was too impatient to sit on the train for any length of time, not when a taxi would have us there in under half an hour. Unfortunately, our hotel seemed unable to successfully procure a cab for us, and it took three requests on our part before one rolled up in front of the lobby.… [more]


Jun 16th, 2007

GIVEN TO FLY. [06-15-07]

[If you don’t get it, read this. And this.] We are all home now, safe and sound, tired and happy, relieved and exhausted from the adrenaline rush, the murmurings of silent (and not-so-silent) prayer, the shouted entreaties and shared rollercoaster of emotions. They did it; the Mets triumphed over Bora$$ and the hired mercenary with the strained groin, the 26 rings, the Gold Gloves, the MVP’s, the arrogance and entitlement that is still so fresh and new to me. Sitting in a bar in Jersey (I shoulda thought about that) with Coop, at the bar in our Mets hats, staring at multiple television screens, holding our breath, clapping, shouting, banging on the bar (at least towards the end).… [more]

May 31st, 2007


…Love that Crazy Crab!” I will begin by apologizing in advance for my obsession with the former San Francisco Giants anti-mascot, the Crazy Crab. My delight in anthropomorphism in baseball mascots would better suit a three-year-old, I realize. But, if you are not familiar with the Crab, I urge you to follow the link and edify yourself. If nothing else, it will distract you from Wedneday night’s massacre, and explain the headlines for the last two days. But we are here to discuss Tuesday night’s jubiliation. (The flickr feed is here for you old-skool types. Please do let me know in the comments if you like the slideshow or not.) It was an odd, odd night from the start.… [more]


Apr 25th, 2007

SPEED KILLS [04-24-07]

What do I love about April baseball? I love that the stadium is empty, I love that it feels like my private club, I love that the lines are short and the section isn’t crowded and TBF and I can stretch across three seats and put our feet up on the back of the row in front of us. I love that most of the people who are at Shea are there because they give a damn (who else would voluntarily give up a Tuesday night to watch the Mets play the Rockies?!), I love a game that isn’t against an arch rival (like the Rockies) so that I can have more of a conversation with the people around us, whether it’s William and Andrew (the redheaded twins – finally!… [more]


Apr 14th, 2007

A Sort of Homecoming

For all the big deal that Opening Day was made out to be, or that I thought it would be, or that it believes that it is, the truth is that its significance paled in comparison to tonight’s game. Tonight’s game, the first game for those of us in the Tuesday/Friday plan holders group. The first tickets to be torn out of the ticket book. The first time this year of packing the clothes for the game to take to work, the familiar arrangements and accouterments. On that last note, while I fully understand that April baseball is not for the meek, and have endured TBF’s tales of sitting at Shea while light flurries swirled around the upper deck, this week has to be an all time low.… [more]

Apr 1st, 2007

MetsGrrl Mailbag: Mets beat reporter Narty Moble answers fans’ questions

In honor of Opening Day and the new look and location for MetsGrrl, we are thrilled to welcome MLB Mets beat reporter Narty Moble, making a special guest appearance with the Mailbag. Narty, over to you: Dear Narty: I was curious as to what you thought about why the Mets did not go after Johan Santana harder in the off-season. Joe P., Carroll Gardens I’m sorry to break it to you, but Johan Santana was not available. The Twins would be foolish in the extreme to trade Santana now.… [more]