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Feb 13th, 2014

Have You Heard, Derek Jeter Is Retiring This Year?

It is okay to not like Derek Jeter.… [more]

Jul 4th, 2009


As my significant other constantly reminds me, if the team's wearing grey uniforms, it's a road game, even if it takes us less time to get to the stadium in the Bronx than it takes us to get to our own ballpark. The new Yankee Stadium looks beautiful on the outside. It also looks beautiful when you're sitting at your seat (for the most part - I will not go into the season ticket holder contretemps because I am not one). The park accurately reflects the identity of the team. You have zero doubt whatsoever whose stadium you are in. In terms of branding, they nail it. But in terms of creating a fan-friendly experience, in what's likely not a surprise to most people, they have a long way to go.

Jun 18th, 2009


Oriole Park at Camden Yards has a legendary reputation that is entirely well-deserved. It's a downtown ballpark with convenient highway and transit access, and was the first to capture the old-time ballpark feel in a modern facility. It is a wonderful place to watch a baseball game, and has become an immediate favorite.

May 25th, 2009


Fenway is billed as "America's Most Beloved Ballpark" and I guess it's easy as a NL fan to give it credit where it's due. I don't have to fight for tickets to Fenway on a regular basis, I don't have to sit in its tiny, cramped seats every week, and I don't have to deal with the drunken gauntlet to get to and from the ballpark. I'm a big fan of the old ballparks. Fenway has managed to capture the best of both worlds: the old, original ballpark, upgraded within an inch of its life. The seats may be uncomfortable and you may be jockeying around poles to see the game on the field, but there are ample bathrooms, concessions and space to walk around.

Nov 26th, 2007


Finding ourselves in Boston with nothing to do for a couple of hours in November, we decided to take the Fenway tour. On a grey Monday morning with gentle almost-snowflakes falling out of the sky, we took the T to Kenmore (appreciating the signs at every stop that had a picture of a baseball player and said, TAKE ANY TRAIN EXCEPT THE E LINE TO KENMORE) and walked around the corner and there it was, looming up next to the highway. God, I love a city ballpark. I love that there are cars and people and lives and businesses intertwined with baseball.… [more]

Jul 1st, 2006


It was my first trip to the old Yankee Stadium. I wasn’t going to include it but it still rings very, very true to my experience of that place. I didn’t even bring my good camera the first time. What a major let-down. No, seriously, this is Yankee Stadium. This is the team with the largest payroll. This is supposed to be a monumental fucking event, attending a game there, it’s supposed to be so incredible and so much nicer and the Ultimate. Instead, it’s not much better than Shea. (No, come on, it’s not.) And, at least Shea has decent concourses and enough bathrooms.… [more]