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Jul 7th, 2014

The Mets Do Something Right: The 2014 Women’s Baseball Clinic

When other teams are having events with makeovers and vodka or arguing whether female fans are “Gamer Babes” or not, and OPI is pushing their MLB-approved line of colors, the Mets held a Mets Women’s Baseball Clinic Sunday afternoon that completely and totally focused 100% on baseball.… [more]

Mar 8th, 2014

Book Launch Event, 3/12 in Brooklyn

Join me at “You Sure Know A Lot About Baseball For A Girl” on March 12. I’ll be celebrating the publication of my second novel, “A Whole New Ballgame” 7pm at WORD in Brooklyn, along with my guests Joan Walsh (Splash Hit, Salon.com), Taryn Cooper (of Gal for All Seasons), and Diane Firstman (Value Over Replacement Grit), with Kimberly Austin of Rock Book Show moderating. Peanuts and Cracker Jack will be served! Facebook RSVP encouraged, but not required. See you there!… [more]

Feb 13th, 2014

Have You Heard, Derek Jeter Is Retiring This Year?

It is okay to not like Derek Jeter.… [more]

Feb 6th, 2014

WOR, Ralph Kiner, Tradition & the Mets

When I read the Daily News article about the Mets’ radio broadcast transition over to WOR, and how Ed Coleman barely made it over and Howie Rose was taken over ‘grudgingly’ and that Josh Lewin wasn’t a sure thing, and how WOR didn’t want continuity, none of it made sense to me. A good baseball broadcast teams are a thing held in reverence. Fans of other teams with inferior broadcasters who play the Mets openly confess to enjoying being able to listen to our TV booth or our radio team. Even fans who hate their team’s broadcasters admit that it would feel odd if they were gone.… [more]

Feb 3rd, 2014


I’m proud and excited to announce the publication of my second novel, A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME. As you might have guessed based on the title and the cover, it has a baseball-related theme. A few years ago, an editor who had been following my blog contacted me to suggest that I write some kind of baseball-ish memoir. I wasn’t interested in writing memoir but I was interested in writing about why I loved baseball and how I got drawn into it. I started a short story and 12,000 words later realized that it was clearly headed somewhere else. It’s a story about baseball but it’s also about growing up and driving around and falling in love and taking chances and having your heart broken.… [more]