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Feb 8th, 2011


“I’ve got the complaint,” TBF said on Friday afternoon. “All 360 pages.” There was some grumbling in his voice, that he hated that he felt he had to read it, but he also felt that he had to read it. There was no way there would be an important legal decision surrounding the New York Mets that he had access to, and wasn’t going to read and form his own opinions about. I was curious myself, given the drama and the volume and general tone of the internets Friday afternoon after the document was unsealed. By the time I got home on Friday night, around 10 pm, his tone had changed.… [more]


Feb 7th, 2011


Saturday night, we drove down to Midwood to have pizza at DiFara’s. We always take the same route from North Brooklyn, cutting over to Nostrand, taking Nostrand down to Empire, a right on Empire, and so on down to Avenue J. When we passed the corner of Empire and Bedford, with the looming towers of the Ebbets Field housing project standing there against the sky, I started Tweeting how it always made me sad to drive by there at almost the same moment TBF raised his middle finger in the New York State salute and said, “Fuck you, Walter O’Malley, where’s my ballpark.” We always do some variation of this exchange, whether it’s me staring out at the towers and feeling sad that I never saw it and trying to picture my father taking the streetcar to the ballgame, or TBF shaking his head and saying “How could they?” It’s not like we talk about it or we plan it, we’re just physically incapable of going by there without some kind of reaction.… [more]


Jan 31st, 2011


Let’s not forget Dave Howard’s appearance (via telephone) on the Fox Business Channel in August 2009, where he confronted reports that the Mets would have to sell. He called claims that the Wilpons would sell was “flat-out wrong,” “false,” “irresponsible,” “very disturbing,” “outrageous” and “unfounded,” noting that the team was “not for sale, in whole or in part.” TBF and I communicate via text message when things are important during the day, since I live in email and he does not. Mostly it’s me sending him news, whether it’s alternate side parking being suspended, Bruce Springsteen being spotted somewhere, Supreme Court decisions, and, of course, the Mets.… [more]


Jan 25th, 2011


Tonight’s event at the Museum of the Moving Image, “The Art of Televised Baseball” was informative and absolutely fascinating. It was a great off-season diversion for any baseball fan. I learned, I laughed, I missed baseball just a tiny bit less for an hour. The event featured Curt Gowdy Jr. and Bill Webb from SNY, but in reality, Bill Webb did most of the talking. These are old school cranky baseball guys, the kind of people who you want to listen to talk for hours and hours. The event was preceded by a brief clip that showed Bill Webb in action in the SNY truck at Citi Field, and how he directs a game broadcast, with the multiple cameras and director’s views.… [more]


Jan 23rd, 2011


When my pal Katie asked me if I wanted to go with her to see the Giants World Series trophy, it seemed like a good idea. I like Katie, it’s the World Series trophy, she just had ACL surgery and has trouble getting around, etc. When I got on line today outside a bar in the East Village around 2:30 and waited in the freezing cold for the next hour, surrounded by Giants fans in black and orange, it seemed anything but a good idea. Goddamn, but there are a lot of San Francisco transplants in the New York metropolitan area.… [more]

The reveal after assembly. They are on eBay now for less $$ folks. Go take a look.

Jan 17th, 2011


So, our DVR is dying. Thanks to the wonderful quality technology that is provided by Time Warner Cable (that’s sarcasm, folks), this will be the third time in six years that we’ve had to replace the DVR. Unfortunately, that also means that we lose everything that’s on the DVR. This time, at least, we had some warning, so we started watching everything. My best friend’s band on Conan O’Brien and then on Jimmy Fallon. The 2006 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when R.E.M. and Patti Smith were inducted (the original broadcast). Bruce Springsteen on Jimmy Fallon (which I was lucky enough to attend).… [more]


Nov 2nd, 2010


The Mets apparently posted the new pricing scheme for 2011 tickets – and then promptly removed the chart. (You can see screen captures over at The Mets Police). The biggest news is that, finally, the Mets are stepping in line with every other team in MLB and offering a 10% discount to season ticket holders. This is big. This is huge. We don’t know yet if the discount extends to all plan holders, or only full season ticket holders. But in any event, this change impacts everyone. It impacts everyone, because the tickets that STH don’t use go into the secondary market.… [more]