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Apr 28th, 2011


Let me present the latest branded offering from Major League Baseball and Victoria’s Secret: There are other offerings, like “Meet Me In The Dugout,” “Caught Looking,” and “I’m A Great Catch,” the latter slogan cleverly and strategically located! Seriously? No, seriously? “mostly i’m mad they make them for teams that don’t even use a DH. they should have “the pitcher can kiss for himself” panties.” from @cryingbaseball “they had the option to make things that weren’t offensive and they didn’t take them.” from @1863_project “I think the feminist movement just got set back 20 years with that.” from @katiestars “Why can’t they just do team logos?… [more]


Apr 27th, 2011


THIS IS MY LIFE DURING BASEBALL SEASON. This is such a typical scene I had to capture it for posterity: the iPhone resting on the stage at the Bowery Ballroom last night, between acts, so we can keep track of the game on Gameday. If I don’t just set it out like this then TBF bugs me every three seconds or takes out his old fashioned phone (I don’t know how old it is but I think it has a rotary dial) and hacks Google text alerts to get an update, which is just pointless and the waste of a text message, so I just keep the fucking thing out until the next act is on, and then I hide it under the stage and sneak looks between songs (if I like or care about the band) and whenever I need to (if I don’t).… [more]


Apr 24th, 2011


Mets v Dbacks 4-22-11 It would be easy, for a game that took place on Easter, to make some borderline disrespectful joke about the bats rising from the dead, but I will not do that. If you are reading this, I know you will forgive me for even thinking such a thing; it felt like the greatest luxury in the world to be watching a game at which the Mets had a comfortable lead and to feel as though the lead was such that there was no worry about maintaining it, that maybe Jose and David could have the rest of the game off, that the word that begins with S and ends with P could start to be bandied around.… [more]


Apr 22nd, 2011

LAKE OF FIRE. [4-22-11]

Mets v Dbacks 4-22-11 You will probably laugh hard and uproariously when I tell you that my goal in heading to Citi Field tonight was to do something less stressful and more calming than the kind of week I have had, especially with Michael Pelfrey on the mound. But it was definitely one of those nights where my goal was to not think about work once and to enjoy Mets baseball. This is the view from my “season tickets” for this year. I wasn’t at the game on Tuesday because I had a concert conflict, so this was the first time sitting here this year.… [more]

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Apr 20th, 2011


This headline – from the Daily News – is causing a lot of outrage today. It’s causing fans to be angry and either harass Martino – known as @surfingthemets on Twitter – or to post collective grar at him. Who does he think he is! How dare he! What a douchebag! I myself stopped following Mr. Martino after a tweet during spring training in which he referenced “Future Yankee Jose Reyes” (and in the interests of full disclosure, I probably hurled some grar at him before I did). The problem is: Martino’s story isn’t a bad story. It’s accurate.… [more]


Apr 19th, 2011


This, my friends, is what the Mariners gave out to fans. Free compost. The promotion was distributed as fans left the ballpark – “Especially in light of an 8-3 loss to Detroit,” says the friend who sent me this image – but I would hate to think about what the Citi Field parking lot would look like if someone decided this would be a good idea out in Flushing.… [more]


Apr 14th, 2011


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. … [more]


Apr 14th, 2011


I no longer have to complain about not having photographs of Terry Collins or Sandy Alderson. It was the first credentialed blogger day of 2011. We were invited to watch (not participate in – yet) the pre-game manager’s press conference, attend BP on the field, and then watch the game. Nothing about this sucks. Everything about this is, quite frankly, pretty amazing. I won’t lie. This was the first time bloggers had been allowed to attend the pre-game press conference. It was made clear to us that we were there to watch this time. It was a very short presser (7 minutes by my watch), and moved very, very quickly.… [more]


Apr 13th, 2011

GET OFF MY CLOUD. [4-13-11]

I have sworn to myself that I am not going to be fatalistic, that I am not going to be negative, that I am not going to wear sackcloth and ashes and rend my garments and act like the 2011 season is over with each Mets loss in 2011, not when we are 12 games into 162 and there is a lot of baseball to be played. I promise myself this. I promise, and I sit down to watch or listen to each game with a positive attitude. Which is then promptly dashed to pieces and I feel like an idiot.… [more]


Apr 12th, 2011


They didn’t come in a little book, they didn’t come with a gift – even if we’d ordered them ourselves, they wouldn’t have come with a media guide or anything else (and the promised perks have not yet been sent to full STH). But they’re still a thing of beauty and they will serve us well this season, every Tuesday and Friday home game. See you there.… [more]