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Jul 28th, 2011


My first encounter with Mets’ fans uneasy relationship with Carlos Beltran was early in the 2006 season. The game went into extras, everyone around me in Section 12 left, and I headed to self-upgrade myself to the Mezzanine Boxes. A few minutes later I was joined by half a dozen Latino kids in their late teens, who had snuck down from the Upper Deck. They sat there, laughing and punching each other, and yelling things at the field in Spanish. It was one of my classic “I hate that I live in NYC and don’t understand a word of Spanish” moments.… [more]


Jul 19th, 2011


Tonight is likely the last time I have watched Carlos Beltran play baseball in a New York Mets uniform. It wasn’t a bad last game. I wanted to take a million photographs and then just gave up. I just wanted to watch him play, watch him at bat, watch him in the outfield. I wanted to remember what it was like to hear his walkup music, watch him come out of the dugout, watch him stride over to the plate and draw that J in the dirt. I wanted to stand up and applaud him when he came to bat in that first inning, and I don’t know why I just didn’t do it, why I worried about blocking the view of the people behind me, and I didn’t want to get into a discussion about What We Will Get For Carlos Beltran.… [more]


Jul 12th, 2011


I know I have better photos of Francisco Rodriguez, but it’s late and I was on my way to bed when the news came in. I picked up my phone to check something and there it was, the push alert from the MLB Trade Rumors app. I read it like three times, before I went to the physical website, and then I yelled, “The Mets Trade Francisco Rodriguez To The Brewers.” TBF: “Noooo! You’re kidding, right?” I read the headline again, and he came running into the room, where he then stood there reading over my shoulder as I read the story to him.… [more]


Jun 28th, 2011


Why are you not voting 20 times a day for Jose Bernabe Reyes? Even non-Mets fans love Jose Reyes: In Pittsburgh, the Pirates fan sitting next to me got up and yelled, “JOSE I HATE YOU” every time Jose was at bat. After he’d had a few beers, he confessed to me that he actually owned a Jose Reyes player number shirt. Mike Petriello, of Dodgers blog Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness, stated, “Is there even a question? Hanley’s been awful, Tulo’s been good but not as good as usual, Starlin’s fine. Reyes is class of NL SS.” (Click through to see his awesome Twitter wallpaper that a Mets fan can definitely get behind.… [more]


Jun 22nd, 2011


My favorite minor league mascot, Ballapeno, welcomes Mets fans to Texas. Photo courtesy Allison Hagen of No Run Support Ballapeno is the mascot for the San Antonio Missions, the AA affiliate of the San Diego Padres – and has nothing to do with the impending road trip to Arlington except that they happen to be located in Texas. I have just been waiting for an opportunity to openly proclaim my love for Ballapeno. (Look at him dancing to Mr. Roboto!) I’ll stop now. Here’s my report on my trip to The Ballpark At Arlington from 2008. I am a big, big, big fan of this ballpark.… [more]


Jun 17th, 2011


Mets v Angels 6-17-11 It wasn’t a terrible game but everyone was acting like it was the worst game ever. Sure, there were errors but there were also just plain old balls that poor Justin Turner could not get to. Repeatedly screaming things like “DAVID WRIGHT WOULD’VE HAD THAT” if you’re wearing red and have a A on your hat with a halo around it, fair enough. If you’re wearing blue and orange, you’re just an idiot. I don’t know if it was the full moon or the rain delay but this crowd was cranky and impatient. The team was coming off a good roadtrip.… [more]


Jun 16th, 2011



Jun 16th, 2011


“The Mets place a high priority on supporting our children in our community. For 18 years, the Mets have been a proud sponsor of the Student Athlete Leadership Conference Series, a mentoring program that has trained thousands of high school athletes to promote positive activities to more than half a million elementary school students across Long Island. As part of the program, the mentors deliver an antibullying and civility message with particular attention paid to language and behavior that is derogatory and offensive based on racial, sexual and ethnic biases. “The Mets have been exploring a number of ways to expand our reach and how best to deliver an antibullying message to a broader audience.… [more]

Jun 15th, 2011


It was with dismay I read about a story in the Daily News today, about the Mets and the “It Gets Better” project. The Giants have already made a video, and the Red Sox have recently stated that they plan to as well. The Giants video specifically says the words “LGBT youth” and the Red Sox said in their press release “We are currently producing an ‘It Gets Better’ video to support the It Gets Better campaign to stop bullying of LGBT youth and teen suicides.” The Mariners have also announced their intention to get involved with the project.… [more]


Jun 12th, 2011

LOVE’S SO TOUGH. [6-12-11]

Mets v Pirates, 6-12-11 I am sure I am not alone when I tell you that this game made me nervous, early on. I mean, Jose is out there in the on-deck circle before the lineup cards are even exchanged (the background music for this is the Law & Order theme in Pittsburgh) and our seats are just off the Pirates on-deck circle and you think, you know, let’s get ’em today. And then Correia sits them down, one two three, and then he does it again, and then he does it again. I am not sure why TBF and I didn’t start talking loudly about the no-hitter that he had going except that I know TBF finds it obnoxious and feels that it’s an offensive punishable by the home fans spilling beer on us, but it’s not like anyone around us would have noticed or cared (the woman next to TBF just wanted to know if we had racing pierogies, and the guy behind us kept yelling for a double play when there were already two outs).… [more]