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Aug 15th, 2010


Listen to internet radio with Throwing Like a Girl on Blog Talk Radio We’re back! And just in time to talk Rob Dibble, K-rod, and how much the Mets and Cubs are sucking.… [more]


Aug 13th, 2010

LOOK, MA, NO BULLPEN. [8-13-10]

Tonight, I had expected the absolute worst. I rode out to Flushing in a subway car full of idiotic Phillies fans who refused to hang on and kept sliding into other passengers. I had security tell me that the water bottles I have purchased and brought to every single game this year were suddenly “too big”. I did not want to be at the game but it was Friday and I had a ticket so I was going. Worst case scenario, I thought, if it became too unbearable, if the suckitude was too great, if section 514 was teeming full of Phillies fans, I could simply go home.… [more]

Aug 13th, 2010


8/15: I am aware of Mr. Dibble’s apology and clarification, and thank him and MASN for his response. If you are a woman, married to a woman, have a daughter or a mother and do not understand the post, I offer this interpretation (also from a woman, my apologies). If you want something from a man, I offer this link from Can’t Stop The Bleeding (all dudes, so it’s kosher). You’re a jerk. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a man at a baseball game, talking to his friends non-stop, or doing anything except paying attention to the game, you would no longer be employed by MASN because I would have been able to purchase the network and then fire you.… [more]

Aug 12th, 2010


“No, I’m not. We’ve had a lot things go on here and there. We are men and things come our way. We still have a job to do” –Jerry Manuel, via Andy Martino of the NYDN The quote above was in response to what was likely the 37th question asking if Francisco Rodriguez’ arrest last night was a distraction for the team. Really? It’s not a distraction? Really? Because I would think that your high-priced star closer allegedly going postal against a family member (if someone is carried out on a stretcher with visible injuries, I believe that rates the term ‘going postal’) on team property in front of other team family members, being arrested and held overnight, causing THE ENTIRE BASEBALL WORLD to focus on your team that is already making headlines by imploding so astronomically, would be a fucking distraction.… [more]

Filled up. Clearly sold a lot of seats but ppl did not show. #mets

Aug 10th, 2010


I didn’t head out to tonight’s game expecting a win. I didn’t even expect a good performance from Mike Pelfrey. All I wanted was some time sitting up near the top of 517 (the location of our pre-All Star break pro-rated Weekday Plan) and a few hours of baseball, a few hours of knowing what was going to happen, a few hours of the comfort of the repetition of at-bats and inning breaks and sides up and sides down, of familiar at-bat music, of tedious commercial breaks, of familiar voices booming out of loudspeakers. I lost an old friend this past weekend, and only found out on Monday.… [more]


Aug 8th, 2010


I came home from the West Coast with sunburned knees, pistachio shells rattling around my camera bag, and kept pulling ticket stubs out of random pockets. It was 11 days, 9 games, 6 ballparks. It was also one of the greatest trips I have ever taken. Here’s a recap of the trip, with background, planning insight, and tons more awesome photos. THE ITINERARY: 7/15: Land LAX, drive to ANA – LAA v SEA 7/16: Drive to SD – SD v AZ 7/17: Fly to SF – SF v NYM 7/18: SF v NYM 7/19: OAK v BOS 7/20: Fly to PHX, AZ v NYM 7/21: AZ v NYM 7/22: Fly to LAX, LAD v NYM 7/23: OFF DAY 7/24: LAD v NYM 7/25: Fly home THE CHRONOLOGY: We landed at LAX around noon on 7/15.… [more]


Aug 8th, 2010


Monday was, on paper, an ‘off day’, and although we were supposed to run to a famous breakfast place, we instead slept until it was time to go back to AT&T Park for the tour. At this point we were officially exhausted. We love ballpark tours, and there‚Äôs another big plus for me: the tours are when I get all my beauty photos of the ballpark. When we go to the game, we’re so consumed with batting practice and finding our seats and checking out the food and the views and the bullpens and whatever else we’re supposed to see – I love that I don’t have to worry about getting ‘the’ stadium shot, I can just focus on the game because I’m coming back for the tour.… [more]

Aug 6th, 2010


There was some chat on Twitter tonight about fan disgust regarding team performance, and what would happen if everyone who had tickets stayed away from Citi Field on a particular date, in order to send a message. My take: no one will do it. Six bloggers will write about it and there will be a litany of excuses about money spent and promises made and that it won’t help and the Wilpons already have our money and they don’t care (with a derail to blame Carlos Beltran, because what would a litany of complaints about the Mets be these days without blaming Carlos Beltran somehow)?… [more]


Aug 1st, 2010


It was not a good game. In fact, it was the complete opposite of good. Given that it happened after the lovely Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, it was like going to church in your Sunday best and then throwing up all over your patent leather shoes. The highlight of that part of the afternoon was this: Oliver Perez appears out of the bullpen, but has not yet been announced by Alex Anthony. The gentleman to my left (wearing an I’M CALLING IT SHEA shirt, which to me indicates a level of taste and intelligence, especially since I was wearing one myself) sits up with interest.… [more]


Aug 1st, 2010


First things first: hats off to the Mets for doing this day right. This was a ceremony Mets fans could be proud of. (I am covering