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Sep 10th, 2010

DO IT AGAIN. [9-10-10]

I am opening this post with a photograph of Carlos Beltran rounding the bases, because everyone hates Carlos Beltran and I am tired of mindless irrational hatred. Because I love Carlos Beltran, and I will miss him when he is gone. It is my fervent wish that one day Carlos Beltran gets to play for a team and a fanbase who appreciates him. He is a phenomenal athlete. He is not a reprehensible individual off the field. He is deeply religious. He is shy. He plays hurt and he plays hard. He makes catches that seem easy because he is such a phenomenal athlete.… [more]

Sep 9th, 2010


By the time I logged onto Twitter yesterday morning, there was a lynch mob in full effect. The mob was assembled as soon as it was made known that Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez did not attend the regularly scheduled visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center yesterday. But do you know what information was not made as widely available as the fact that they did not attend? The reasons why. Whether or not you think there is any valid reason, the fact remains that that information was conspicuously absent. According to David Lennon, no reason was given, the players just didn’t show.… [more]


Sep 7th, 2010


In the post below regarding the Mets current desperation good-will effort to offer fans field-level seats to any game for the rest of the year, this comment struck me: When Citifield opened a group of 20 or so us who sat together on Sundays opted for the Promanade seats. We got a good section (517) but had to accept those terrible rows.For this year only 8 renewed. Next year none will. The Mets can do as many internet surveys and focus groups as they want. All they need to do is read that statement again. And again. And again. The truth is this: I am not renewing my plan for 2011.… [more]


Sep 3rd, 2010


If you heard last week’s podcast, Julie and I both insisted that our respective teams are worse than the other, and given that the Mets are in Chicago right now and about to play the Cubs, we decided to make it interesting. If the Mets lose the series, I get a Chicago pizza sent to my door. If the Cubs lose the series, I have to send Julie some real bagels. It seems a surer bet on both of our parts. Isn’t that sad? Have a great Labor Day weekend.… [more]


Sep 2nd, 2010


Kind commenter Harvey wrote in to say: I”m a “Sunday” plan holder. Just got a call from Mets Ticket Office apologizing for the season and offering 2 free box seat tickets to any remaining 2010 game. I guess they don’t want acres of empty seats showing on tv (as if anybody is watching) I know that attendees of the recent focus groups were also emailed a day or two later and offered free tickets to the weekend series with the Braves in September. My source was not told where the seats were, but they assumed that they would be somewhere in the Promenade, given where the Mets usually have handed out freebies in the past.… [more]

Sep 2nd, 2010


From the way the messages flew on Twitter last night, you would have thought I was personally responsible for Rob Dibble’s departure from MASN. I parried all of the comments by saying that I seriously doubted he was dismissed for his sexist remarks (or his defensive non-apology for his sexist remarks), because, well, let’s just say I’m a little cynical about this kind of thing. However, Rob Neyer this morning seems to strongly believe that it was a combination of both issues – the thoughtless sexism and the equally thoughtless idiocy regarding Strasburg – that was responsible for Dibble’s firing.… [more]


Aug 31st, 2010


So Jeff Francoeur is gone, traded to the Rangers, who, quite frankly, deserve better. People liked him for artificial reasons that had nothing to do with what he did on the field. He knew what to say and had an above average command of spin, which guaranteed you always saw good quotes from him. The beat writers loved him because he always had a smile and a quote. That’s not a good attitude, that’s savvy business. I don’t fault him for that but I do fault fans who don’t know the difference. He was a liability, and although he had a tremendous arm, I won’t remember the throws, I’ll remember every time the bases were loaded with 2 outs and Francoeur was up next.… [more]


Aug 25th, 2010


At this point in the season, it is just about watching baseball. It is hoping that someone can shine, or excel, or show promise for the future. It is not about believing, or hoping, or even idly musing. Mathematically the Mets may not have been eliminated, but in mind, body and spirit, the 2010 are long gone, no matter what Jerry says. I would believe if I thought it would do any good. But if belief mattered, Citi Field has already levitated multiple times on the power of positive thinking. The good: Carlos Beltran has begun to act like his old self, catching balls with grace and effort, gliding through the outfield like a gazelle.… [more]


Aug 23rd, 2010


Finally! I’ve completed my series of ballpark writeups for all of the ballparks I visited this summer. In descending order: Dodger Stadium Chase Field Oakland Coliseum AT&T Park PETCO Park Angel Stadium Nationals Park Target Field And in case you missed it, my wrap-up posts (post 1 and post 2) on the West Coast trip.… [more]

Seats in the sterling club. Only time I will ever be here.

Aug 21st, 2010


Tonight was the premiere of the Billy Joel documentary “The Last Play At Shea“. If you don’t know, Billy Joel (who happens to be a Yankees fan, but that’s another story) played the last two concerts in the history of Shea Stadium, back in 2008. The movie made its official premiere during the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, so I’m not sure how exactly this was the premiere, but I also don’t really care: for $10, I got to sit in Sterling Club seats (row 6) and got to watch a movie I wanted to see anyway. The crowd was mostly Billy Joel fans, and true to the press release, there were definitely about 20,000 people there.… [more]