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Oct 4th, 2010


It was Blogger Day again on Friday (rescheduled twice already), but unfortunately, due to the weather, BP was cancelled – quite literally they put the tarp back on the field as we arrived in the dugout. Without much for us to do, given that the ballpark wasn’t open yet, we were asked if there were any players we wanted to talk to. We made our requests…and got Chris Carter. You know, it says something that out of everyone he agreed to be the one to come out and talk to a couple of Mets bloggers (because he knew who we were when he got there).… [more]

Oct 3rd, 2010


Yesterday, the last day of the regular baseball season: –The Red Sox let EVERYONE, above 12 and under 12, run the bases. So did the Giants –The Rays encouraged their fans to show up at the airport to welcome their team back from Kansas City –Dodgers: “It was Fan Appreciation Day, but most of the prizes went to those in the most expensive seats.” –Red Sox: “Members of the front office, including Larry Lucchino, were at the gates pre-game handing out magnetic schedules.” (Also Youkilis.) Green Monster read “Thank You Fans”. –Reds: Tons of hats, gloves, balls, BP equipment tossed in the stands (but this doesn’t count because THEIR TEAM IS GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS)… [more]

Oct 3rd, 2010


The Texas Rangers are right now my favorite team in baseball because of this new graphic they are putting up on the scoreboard during games: Compare that to the Mets and their idiotic “do the wave” graphic. JON DANIELS COME HOME, ALL IS FORGIVEN Sigh. [Thanks to Micah Chaplin and Michael Todd for the image.]… [more]


Oct 1st, 2010


Look at that picture. Look at it again. Look at it until your eyes hurt. I am not going to try to tell you that one walkoff win for a completely inconsequential game suddenly has meaning. You have been here, suffering along with me the entire way. Even during this game, I was moaning about pointless pitching changes for a game that did not matter. But then it did. And then Josh Thole stepped up to the plate. For the last half of the season, my semi-sarcastic riff has been JOSH THOLE IS GOING TO ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE because for whatever reason, someone decided he should walk up to the Scorpions… and then he did just that.… [more]


Sep 28th, 2010


I will admit that I had very little desire to trek out to Citi Field tonight. I watched the weather anxiously; given that at one point during the morning, it was raining so hard in midtown Manhattan that it looked like it was snowing, you can understand my reluctance to head out to Queens only to have to stand around for 40 minutes or however long it took before they called the game. I do not like the organization much these days and I certainly do not trust it to do right by the fans. But by the end of the day, the rain had stopped and I saw glimpses of blue sky.… [more]

Sep 28th, 2010


This was originally going to be a post about the Mets refund policy: there isn’t one. It used to be, if you bought a ticket to a game, and the game was called on account of the weather, you had a choice: exchange it for another game, or get your money back. When you go to 30 games a year, when you get those late season rainouts, you are grateful for the chance to just get some cash back in your pocket. The Mets don’t do that any more. You have to exchange your ticket. We have, theoretically, the ability now to exchange our tickets from last night for any ticket up until September 27, 2011.… [more]

Sep 21st, 2010


If you watch the Mets on SNY, you have seen these delightful Citi commercials starring Baseball’s Best Mascot, Mr. Met: There’s one where he’s giving a woman a Mets-themed manicure, another where he’s at a bank and provides ID in the form of a baseball card, and another where he tips a street mime to make sounds resembling “Let’s Go Mets”. But the one above (which I taped on my phone) is the best one ever. These ads are friendly, personable, warm. They are everything the 2010 Mets organization is not. They are also better than any ad campaign the Mets have done since 2005, when we saw what Mr.[more]

Sep 20th, 2010


Listen to internet radio with Throwing Like a Girl on Blog Talk Radio The Only Podcast For Baseball Chicks By Baseball Chicks continues its improbable reign, with a conversation regarding Tyler Colvin, Inez Sainz, Francisco Rodriguez and Wally Backman, and a whole litany of other fascinating moments. You won’t want to miss it. … [more]


Sep 17th, 2010


For about five minutes there, it looked like it was going to be a fun little ball game. There were some hits, there was some hustle, and although Jon Niese wasn’t at his best, he kept getting out of trouble. That is, of course, until he didn’t, and a 3-0 lead became a 3-3 game, and then a 6-3 game, and that was about the time that I started playing with the white balance on my camera just to have something to do. That was about the time that the Mets turned into the 2010 Mets and rolled over and played dead.… [more]


Sep 15th, 2010


Separated at birth? [This placement wasn’t intentional – I just wanted Timmy off of a lower shelf – but it is funny.] I was so looking forward to the release of the 2011 schedule. Planning trips to ballparks makes me happy, and given that there isn’t much else baseball related to make me happy these days (the resurrection of Nick Evans aside). But the schedule is terrible. Making things worse is how many road series fall in the middle of the week, requiring way too much time off of work. San Diego is paired with Arizona, and as much as I want to go to San Diego, I do not want to go back to Arizona, especially not in August.… [more]