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Sep 12th, 2008


To: MG From: TBF Subject: We have tickets to the last game I got us Upper Box tickets. In front of Upper Reserved 25. Face value = $94. We paid = $232. In the end, about $15 more than I wanted to pay but I think it will be worth it for the Upper Box and not having idiots in front of us all game. I know, you’re all saying ‘WTF?’, and my own Magic Number over there on the left was predicated on us going to this game. We never really worried about it; we can get into anything; we kept saying ‘worst case scenario we wait half an inning outside and the prices will drop,’ TBF didn’t want to pay $100 a ticket a few months ago.… [more]

Sep 11th, 2008


My mother turns 70 today. Ever since 2001, she’s said she doesn’t have a birthday any more. But, I think when you turn 70, you get a birthday. So I made her a web page over at charity:water, which is a pretty incredible organization, and so far, we’ve raised over $300 for the charity, from friends and associates. If you felt like doing something nice today, maybe you have a spare $5 lying around. If not, at least check out the page and learn about the charity. If nothing else the story will make you feel good. And, Mom’s sure getting a kick out of it.… [more]


Sep 10th, 2008


My friend Texy told me she has a Fenway one and uses it as a beer cooler at parties. That’ll be my excuse once TBF sees it.… [more]


Sep 9th, 2008


TBF walked around last weekend referring to this week as “the cupcake series.” Um, no. In a word, no. And good for the Nationals. They’re not going down without a fight. That’s something for their fans to be proud of. I am on the DL tonight so TBF went to Shea without me, while I watched the game on the couch with the Rally Cat. I hated missing it, but I also can’t drag myself through the week half-dead for one game… okay, it really, really bothers me that I missed this one – it’s going to bother me to miss ANY this month – but I felt like crap and even if we would have driven to Shea I would be paying for it for the rest of the week.… [more]

Sep 9th, 2008


For those who haven’t read the news story yet, I’m talking about this. I’ve used up my Sanity Watcher’s points for the day in reading the comments on some of these stories, so I’ll just stop now and post the following: I keep reading that Burgos should be released because “stuff like this” makes the Wilpons angry. Um, okay. Shouldn’t an asshole beating the shit out of his girlfriend make EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE angry? I keep hearing calls for hearing “his side of the story”. There is no side here, unless he didn’t do it. There is no justification, ever, unless you yourself are under attack (and even then a guy who weighs 244 pounds and is a professional athlete can probably protect himself against most women without needing to beat the crap out of her).… [more]


Sep 8th, 2008


It was a grand night out at Shea tonight, one of those classic late-season games that starts to feel like something else, ripe with potential and taut with anticipation. The weather was warm but not hot, cool but not cold. The crowd wasn’t the sellout a Sunday afternoon game would have been, but it was plenty full and wonderfully vocal, chanting “Let’s Go Mets” before we even sang the anthem. [the flickr set is here. Selfishly, TBF and I love the ESPN Sunday games, because it’s a buyer’s market, and you can get great seats for under face. As soon as the game time gets announced, we fly onto eBay and bide our time.… [more]


Sep 7th, 2008


For tomorrow night. We’re taking the refund for tomorrow afternoon (I need to work and TBF is doing the New York Century). See you at 8. Let’s Go Mets!… [more]


Sep 6th, 2008


This was a frustrating evening to say the least. Pelf was just fine; but there were “some really crappy at-bats,” to quote TBF, and as you know, zero offensive production from the Mets. Zero. Nada. Zilch. It irks me beyond all comprehension that we got shut out by The Spouse Abuser (sorry, I can’t type his name here). Our only salvation was that, for a change, the fans of the visiting team seemed to be at the top of section 16 (although we did get two in the front of Section 12, very much on the down low – so much so that someone who shall remain nameless was trying to take photos of “the hot guys” in the section, only to be sharply reprimanded.… [more]


Sep 4th, 2008


This is NOT promising: I am excited about this weekend. We are in Section 12 on Friday and Section 8 on Saturday and the front row of an Upper Box on Sunday (just won an eBay auction – we’re *so* bringing K cards!) I am on a deadline at work, which explains the dearth in posting around here these days, although I am managing to watch most of the games. But even with the deadline, no one would think of suggesting that I miss a game, even although 99.999% of them are Yankees fans (which makes some of them even more understanding when I say something like, “I can’t do that on Tuesday, we have a game, I know it’s the Nationals but I am not missing any games I have tickets for in September.” Hey, there are nice Republicans too.… [more]

Sep 4th, 2008


A preview of the Clash live at Shea DVD: These were HUGE shows for me. It’s hard to think about it now, but at the time, admitting in public that you liked the Clash could still get you beat up (or at least “accidentally” shoved into the lockers). Most music fans couldn’t comprehend the straight line drawn from the Who to the Clash, and waiting in line for tickets to these shows, there were a lot of people VERY angry that the Clash were on the bill – because they sucked, because they were “punk rock,” because the Who were Gods from Mt.… [more]