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Sep 8th, 2007


If I even began to tell you what kind of two weeks I have had – okay, wait, how about I just tell you. Let me start with walking into work two Mondays ago and being laid off (from a job I barely started and hoped to stay at for years) along with half of my team. I’ve been pounding the virtual and literal pavement and I am lucky that I have a resume that makes me in demand, but it’s more exhausting than actually working. (This will also, I hope, explain the lightness of recent entries.) Today, I had a 10am interview and then a 2pm interview and then a 3:30 “meet and greet” and I am walking the streets of Midtown in my best suit (which is wool and silk) and heels (not my kind of footwear) and it has been like this all week (and last week too) and I am just WORN OUT.… [more]

Sep 8th, 2007


This story from Idolator makes me wince, and then before I start to get whatever about it, think about the logistics of getting people and equipment into the stadium for this level of concert, and realize that it’s probably half true: the half true part about it is that Billy Joel wants it to happen. But, I know the editrix and I know she knows 1) her shit and 2) her baseball. [tip o’ the hat to MG reader krup]… [more]

Sep 6th, 2007


It was all well and good to be charitable to the rookie coming up for his first at-bat on Tuesday, especially when he whiffed all three pitches, especially since we were winning (although that 11-7 still makes me wince). But it didn’t mean much to me until I visited Sister Daedalus at The Church of Baseball (“Reds fan by birth. Nats fan by residence. Baseball fan by the grace of God.”) and saw her post reading, ” I sure hope Votto starts tonight…because he’s the only reason worth watching at this point.” On Wednesday, I had lunch with TBF, and then headed off to a meeting, and couldn’t keep checking the game updates.… [more]

Sep 5th, 2007


Denis Leary and Jon Stewart discuss Kevin Youkilis, Shawn Green (who’s now “that guy on the Mets”) and David Wright. You have to wait until about the 5th minute in on this 6 minute clip, but it’s worth it. Warning: do not ingest foods or liquids while watching. [HEY DENIS, STOP TAKING ALL THE PARKING IN MY F’ING NEIGHBORHOOD ONCE A MONTH WHILE YOU FILM ‘RESCUE ME’. KTHX] Also via Joan Walsh, Salon’s “The 18 best Jewish ballplayers.” Avoid the comments if you don’t want to be reminded how terrible people can be. As the girl who avidly leapt upon Dave Marsh’s list of Top 10 Jewish Rock Stars, the vitriol is — well, racism and anti-semitism will probably always surprise me, and I guess that’s a good thing (that I’m not numb to it at this point, not the existence of racism and anti-semitism).… [more]

Sep 4th, 2007


Hey, Keith. THIS is the shark you were freaking out about for almost the entire broadcast the last two days. Feel better now? When was the last time Keith Hernandez went swimming at Coney Island? 1976 1986 1906 Never    Free polls from … [more]

Sep 3rd, 2007


It is with great sorrow that I inform you that I am writing this from my couch in Brooklyn, and not posting via laptop hookup to cellphone somewhere on the way back from Cincinnati. Had TBF mentioned on Friday or even early Saturday that he had an itch to drive to Ohio to watch Pedro’s first start, we would have ditched the family barbeque, gotten some sleep, and started driving late yesterday afternoon. As it was, he didn’t mention it until about 8pm last night, and at that point it was too late, really, and too little baseball in exchange for too much driving in one 24 hour period – not that that would have stopped us had the stars been aligned right.… [more]

Mets Phillies Baseball

Aug 31st, 2007


Meet Marlon Anderson. Marlon wanted to win the f’ing game. I know that the umpire’s call was the right one – oddly enough, Derek Zumsteg (who wrote The Cheater’s Guide To Baseball) blogged about this rule two days before Marlon tried to salvage the game for the Mets. But I cannot be angry and am at least heartened that HE F’ING TRIED! HE TRIED! Why? Because he wanted to WIN! No, the Mets can’t go breaking rules and cheating to win. But at least I have some tangible proof that someone cares.… [more]

Aug 30th, 2007


You’re really going to let the Phillies sweep us? Really? You’re kidding, right? Yeah, I know there’s a game today. I briefly thought of assembling the girls and heading down there. I’m not sure what mind-altering substances I was under the influence of at the time. Oh, wait, it’s the ones that make me think THAT THE PHILLIES SUCK AND MY NEPHEW COULD GET A HOME RUN AT CBP and, to quote Coop yet again, THESE ARE THE GAMES WE NEED TO BE WINNING. I’m back to thinking that they really just don’t give a damn. That it irks me more than them to think that I have unused World Series tickets still sitting in a FedEx envelope in my bookcase.… [more]

Aug 28th, 2007


I have nothing but bad things to say about the Philadelphia Phillies. I hate Chase Utley, I have nothing but invective to cast in the direction of Brett Myers, I think Shane Victorino could play a serial killer in any Hollywood movie — shall I go on? Please, go take a wrong turn in Camden, or go throw yourselves collectively off the Ben Franklin Bridge. (A note: I realize the bridge that is most proximate to CBP is the Walt Whitman. I would not want to sully that fine bridge, and the fact that it was named after a POET, with the demise of the Phillies.) Now that I have alienated all of my friends who admire the Phillies, let us move on to the New York Mets.… [more]


Aug 27th, 2007


While I know this is a Mets blog, for Alan and Sarah and Jake and Lauren and Victoria and Deanna and everyone else in the Emerald City, let me take this opportunity to say: LET’S GO MARINERS!!! (At least until they get to the point where they’d have to face the Mets. Then all bets are off.)… [more]