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Jan 22nd, 2007

sharp dressed man

Dress Like David“? How – pedestrian. How about “Dress Like Pedro”? Now, *there’s* a concept. … [more]


Jan 19th, 2007

“walking to new orleans”

This is, quite possibly, one of THE BEST PICTURES EVER. NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 18 “A woman wearing a pink cowboy hat covered in rhinestones walked down Bourbon Street on Wednesday night and spotted a character with equally outrageous headgear. “Hey there”, the woman shouted. “Who are you?” Mr. Met froze on a balcony above the street. Usually, he does not leave New York and therefore does not require an introduction. But in New Orleans, a city known for its costume parties, he just looked like some guy who decided to dress up as a baseball. Eager to make the woman’s acquaintance, Mr.… [more]

Jan 14th, 2007

that old familiar feeling

The DV-R is a source of some consternation in the MG household. Despite the fact that we fully embrace technology to the fullest (I had my car wired for my iPod in 2003, the apartment has wifi, etc., etc) we are total newbies at the concept; aside from setting it to record Gilmore Girls last fall when we were Otherwise Engaged on Tuesday nights, there’s been no attempt to exploit it to its fullest possibilities – until this winter. So now, we have a DV-R full of Law & Order and The West Wing (TBF, but shared) and a bunch of movies from either Sundance or IFC (mine), and as a result, there’s recently been some contention for space on the box.… [more]

Jan 11th, 2007

there is no point in writing about the John Thomson situation

Because Metstradamus has the definitive word. No one else needs to write anything else, because it will just pale in comparison. And those of you who have written about it should just delete your posts and link to Metstra. No, seriously. —–… [more]

Jan 10th, 2007

Our Endy in the Off Season

[via, via] Okay. We have at least a dozen Spanish-language channels on our cable service. Can we not get this stuff to watch in the off-season? It’s got to be on Time Warner SOMEWHERE, right? Right?! —–… [more]

Jan 5th, 2007

blow up the outside world

Anthony over at Hot Foot posted today that he was permanently sick of the Hot Stove and wanted to blow it up. I am sick of it myself, mostly because it is causing me to read and reread continual reports of nothingness. [While we’re at it, can anyone explain to me the genesis of the term ‘hot stove’ and why it’s used in baseball?] Last winter’s Hot Stove season was frantic but went completely over my head – not because I wasn’t interested, but because I had no context and zero way of evaluating whether or not things were good or bad.… [more]

Jan 1st, 2007

happy new year!

It seems like a very long time ago that I logged into Blogger to start what was essentially meant as an online diary where I could write about my first year as a baseball fan. When I set the blog up, I added links to my favorite Mets blogs in the sidebar for no other reason than to keep them out of my already-bursting RSS reader. Little did I know that clicking through them would bring my little corner of cyberspace to the attention of the blogosphere and beyond. I particularly would like to say thanks to Mike of Mike’s Mets for being the first to write about my blog – and continuing to write about it as the season progressed.… [more]

Jul 12th, 2006

the all-star game

That was the first time I’ve ever seen Trevor Hoffman in action. . . . . I have all these notes but 1) it’s late and 2) I have no spirit to write the impassioned ode that I was composing in my head during the game — at least until the 9th inning. I understand TBF taking it hard – although it was difficult to discern since he was keeping score, which kept him too busy to grump – but GOD I am pissed. Disappointed. Disheartened. One comment on the ESPN morons: “He’s chosen to use Mariano Rivera as his closer.” Um, my CAT would choose to use Mariano Rivera as his closer.… [more]