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Oct 30th, 2007


1) Alex Rodriguez. 2) Roger Clemens. 3) Ty Cobb. 4) Alex Rodriguez. 5) David Eckstein. 6) Brett Myers. 7) Any other baseball player who beats his wife. 8) Alex Rodriguez. 9) Alex Rodriguez. 10) Alex Rodriguez. What are we f’ing smoking that we are all suddenly willing to ransom the farm for A-Rod? (Yes, this means you, David Wright.) I am chalking it up to cabin fever and the sudden emptying of our October dance cards. TBF and I went on a mini road trip Saturday night, and actually started talking baseball as we were heading back to Brooklyn and trying to find the game on ESPN radio as we driving back.… [more]

Oct 17th, 2007


So it is October, and we find ourselves in the improbable place where I am coming home and turning on the baseball, and TBF, not wanting any part of it for more than an inning or two, comes over, sits down, watches and then leaves. He has no interest, and I cannot give it up yet. How is this possible? I wish I had some kind of strong loyalty to one team. I like Eric Byrnes, so I was sorry to see the Diamondbacks lose; I like the underdog story that is the Rockies (at least until I found out about the whole bible class in the clubhouse thing), and there’s a MG reader named Kelsey with a great Rockies-related email address who chimes in now and again, and I love that.… [more]

Oct 16th, 2007


When I heard about People Magazine’s “Sexiest Fan Contest” – um, well, how do you think we reacted to this at MetsGrrl headquarter? While I’m not about to start my subscription to People magazine any time soon, I am delighted to say that it’s not full of bimbos in bikinis (or even guys in Speedos), and am even more thrilled that there’s a Mets fan represented! So go VOTE for Brian. You can vote 5 times a day. C’mon, you don’t want the guy with the Yankees hat to win, do you?… [more]

Oct 15th, 2007


For those of you who don’t watch Saturday Night LIve (and for those of you who might normally, but avoided it due to Jon Bon Jovi hosting), these are priceless (there’s two in the clip, one right after the other) – making fun of Dane Cook (which is really not that hard): Well, we had to watch something inbetween breaks for Cleveland-Red Sox. … [more]

Oct 12th, 2007


So, my weekend hiatus turned into a week-long hiatus, and I’m not sure I have anything more to say right now except, at least I am able to watch baseball again. TBF and I originally were all “We have NO interest in watching the playoffs, what could you possibly be talking about” and then found ourselves watching with more than casual interest, debating strategy and rules and dumb things said by the commentators. But it’s done through this blase, objective, unemotional filter that feels just plain wrong. I’ve got half-written posts and notes about things I plan to write about, but a break right about now might be okay, I think.… [more]

Oct 7th, 2007


It was bad enough that I had to be in Philadelphia, bad enough that I had to drive by Citizen’s Bank Park, bad enough that I spent almost the entire day on the other side of the complex from Citizen’s Bank Park, bad enough that every third person in a large crowd of people tailgating or waiting to get into the Wachovia Center was wearing some kind of Phillies regalia, bad enough that we had to endure watching Bruce fucking Springsteen BLESS THE PHILLIES onstage (no, seriously; he asked how they were doing and then made the sign of the cross with his microphone.… [more]

Oct 5th, 2007


We’re off to see the Wizard, although it will require a trip to Philadelphia to do it. Nothing here to see until Monday. Enjoy your weekend. Go Rockies.… [more]

token 10-5-07

Oct 5th, 2007


If we still had these, they would represent $2. If everyone who read this blog regularly donated $2 to DonorsChoose, we would be able to buy some baseball equipment for an underprivileged high school in Brooklyn that wants to start girls playing softball. The teacher who’s sponsoring one of the programs describes her dream in her own words: In order to ensure not only our success as a team but also the confidence of each player at bat, we are in need of a pitching machine. This would be a great help since I will be the only coach and cannot pitch while assisting the girls with other skills.… [more]

Oct 4th, 2007

request to my readers.

Last year, after game 7, to cheer myself up I asked certain frequent fliers if they would out themselves in the comments – folks with distinctive enough IP addresses and/or domains that they were noticable. A lot of you de-lurked last week but I would love to hear from more folks. You don’t have to enter a real email address in the comments field & you don’t have to use your real name, but I would love to know who you are, how you found metsgrrl.com, and where you’re from (if you’re not from around here) – especially if you’re not a Mets fan and came here from another site.… [more]

Oct 3rd, 2007


TBF is pissed. He called the Mets Monday morning, inquiring about his refund for his post-season tickets. We already knew the answer from last year. Single game tickets will be automatically refunded to your credit card “in a few weeks.” IN A FEW WEEKS? WHAT ELSE COULD YOU PEOPLE POSSIBLY BE DOING WITH YOUR TIME RIGHT NOW? < -- TBF You get to make money off the interest from the money we paid you when you LOST in spectacular fashion? < -- MG No one in the ticketing office has ANYTHING else to do EXCEPT PROCESS REFUNDS. I am quite sure that the phone is not ringing off the hook from people wanting 2008 season tickets, and even if they were, YOU PROCESS REFUNDS FIRST. Quickly. Immediately. HOW MUCH MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT TO PISS US OFF? Of course, you can always have your post-season payment roll over towards your 2008 plan. Which would be fine, but it's not due until DECEMBER, and I am not quite sure, again, why the Mets are entitled to make money off of my money. In order for me to get a refund, I have to send them a letter requesting one, which, of course, most people won't do. I, myself, am weighing the opportunity cost of the time and effort involved to write the letter, send the letter, follow up on the letter, and wait for the check, when I will have to turn around and send it right BACK to them, versus the interest I could make for that period of time. It's probably not worth it, but it's the principle of the thing. Some people call WFAN, others call the Mets. *sigh* … [more]