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Sep 17th, 2006

it’s cloudy out in pittsburgh

It’s all my fault. No, really. It’s all my fault because I didn’t wear my lucky baseball jeans. I started wearing these last year because they were stretched out perfectly and I could roll up the legs when it was hot and they became the baseball jeans. Unfortunately, though, the baseball jeans have major holes that I have not yet had time to patch, so I didn’t want to sit in them for a seven hour drive to Pittsburgh, and I decided that I would just pack them and wear them to Sunday’s game. So, there, I admitted it. Blame me.… [more]


Sep 15th, 2006



Sep 15th, 2006

this is it, this is really happening

I’ve been dutifully following the Magic Number, and making TBF explain it to me and having me explain it back to him for what seems like forever. I understood it well enough to explain it back to one of my seatmates (one of the sisters) the last time we were at Shea. But now, that time has come to an end. Last night, watching the Braves and the Phillies. TBF starting to root for the Braves, until he caught himself. Putting the game on mute while I did some work sitting on the couch. I look up. “4-1. Final.” “That’s it, then.” Down to 1.… [more]


Sep 14th, 2006


onto pittsburgh! see you there!!! … [more]


Sep 12th, 2006

no, really, was there a game tonight?

This just in from a friend today: (For those who don’t understand, see this post.) No, really – was there a game tonight? … [more]

Sep 10th, 2006

hell, i still love you, new york

Mets Grrl has never left a game early. I have suffered through freezing cold, rain, wind, drunk morons two rows behind her who offered vividly and gratutiously obscene suggestions as to what couples featured on the Kiss Cam should be doing, Yankees fans in the section on a random Tuesday night taunting us between every at-bat, long subway rides, countless hauls through the long transfer from the 7 to the G, endless waits at Court Square for the aforementioned G, multiple 7 inning stretches, 15 innings, 16 innings, Merengue night security pat downs, and 11 games by herself (including one trip to Philly) before TBF moved back to NYC.… [more]

Sep 9th, 2006

the brooklyn dodgers of los angeles

We were in very high spirits tonight. I actually had a night off from work. I got to ride out to the game with TBF. There was no rain in sight. It was a pleasant fall evening, the train was not packed with tennis fans, we got to Shea in enough time to cash in our rained-out game tickets, eat something, and have time to spare. I sat back in my seat, breathed in the green, and was ready to watch my Mets play another magnificent game, especially after last night’s wonderful performance. Riiiiiight. The only good thing about the night was 1) I wasn’t working 2) I was with TBF 3) It wasn’t raining 4) There was (something resembling) baseball.… [more]


Sep 6th, 2006


—–… [more]

Sep 6th, 2006

radio radio

In the past, Metsgrrl would have rather stuck a fork in her eye than listened to sports talk radio. I remember when WFAN first went on the air – didn’t it replace a country station? – and all I could think was: wow. Talking about SPORTS all the time? 24/7? How is that even possible? Now, understand that I *like* talk radio for certain things. I used to stay up and listen to Art Bell back in the late 90’s (and still love turning it on to hear about what’s going on in Area 51 these days). Back before I could afford a tape deck in my car, it was a tried-and-true method to stay awake by listening to right-wing talk radio in the middle of the night.… [more]

Sep 6th, 2006

this week’s poll

What Mets-related item should Mets Grrl spend her money on next? Jose Reyes grey replica road jersey Bribe for a small child on David Wright bobblehead day Don’t buy anything, save your money for the post-season Free polls from Pollhost.com —–… [more]