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Sep 29th, 2006

pedro, shmedro

What’s got MG in a lather is THIS: Not only is Bruce sitting in the House of Evil – in Steinbrenner’s personal seats no less – he’s admiring the wave, at least according to the caption. But back to our main event. I made a comment on the Daily News blog earlier today that Pedro was this mythical creature to me this year. I saw 34 games in the regular season, and I never saw Pedro pitch once. It certainly wasn’t intentional; it just didn’t happen. And I realize I know [] this much about baseball, but frankly, I’m relieved in a way.… [more]

Sep 28th, 2006

a meaningful night in september

No, I’m not talking about Atlanta, the game we rushed home to watch, the one TBF insisted we needed to watch, it was going to be an important game. Somewhere around the 576th home run, noting that TBF had retreated to his desk, I asked if we could turn off the $#@! game. To add to injury, Bruce Springsteen is spotted in the crowd at Yankee Stadium. I am the one of the two of us who refuses to believe that Bruce is One Of Them. I almost made TBF a shirt with a quote from Al Leiter from an interview he gave Backstreets Magazinea few years ago (after Al was onstage with Bruce at Shea), about how Bruce really isn’t a Yankees fan.… [more]


Sep 26th, 2006

post-season ticket delivery: the saga

9/25, noon TBF: “I called the Mets office and got the tracking numbers for our tickets.” MG: “How did you get MY tracking number??” TBF: “I had all your info, including your account number.” 9/25, 6pm I am rushing into the subway to head home. I check the phone on my way down the stairs and notice I have had three phone calls from TBF. I assume there is an emergency on hand. “Our tickets are on the way.” “Can I get on the subway?” “Yes” The rest of the evening, TBF obsessively checked the UPS tracking system, informing me that our tickets had left Fort Smith, Arkansas, which is where the largest printer of ticket stock in the country is located (or so I was informed).… [more]

Sep 24th, 2006

an ode to section 12

Section 12. Row E. Seats 3 & 4. It’s not so much my seats I want to celebrate here but the ones of the people around me, the section 12 regulars from Tuesday and Friday: ROW E, SEATS 1 & 2: Julia & Miriam are two sisters from Middle Village. More than anyone else in the Tuesday/Friday crowd, I owe them a debt of gratitude. I am gregarious by nature and befriended the other T/F folks in the row behind me anyway, but having the girls – passionate fans but not number freaks – made it warmer and a little less lonely in those early days, when I would be text-messaging TBF throughout the games.… [more]

Sep 22nd, 2006


TBF and MG sitting on couch a day or two ago, watching SportsCenter baseball highlights. TBF: “Uh-oh, the Twins beat the Red Sox.” MG: “Good” TBF: “We don’t want the Twins to win.” MG: “Well, I’m not rooting for the Red Sox. You can.” TBF: “We’re rooting for the Tigers.” MG: “Why? Because of your father?” [TBF’s dad is from Detroit.] TBF: “Yes.” *pause* MG: “Well, I’m rooting for the Twins. They played a very scrappy game this year, came from behind, and their fans had a bad year with the threats of contraction.” *silence, as TBF considers the monster he has created* MG: “Can you argue with that logic?” TBF: “Not really.” [CLARIFICATION: I am NOT rooting for the Twins over the Mets should they face each other in the playoffs!… [more]

Sep 21st, 2006

dedicated follower of fashion

Over at Pick Me Up Some Mets, Zoe unleashes her mighty power upon Photoshop and creates an imaginary store full of awesome clothes that real female Mets fans might like to see (and that male Mets fans might want to buy for their girlfriend, sister, or Mom). [Don’t worry, we’ll both be writing about baseball again soon. Go look at the pretty pictures below if you don’t want to read our ranting.] —–… [more]


Sep 21st, 2006

PNC Park photos, day 1

We’ll just ignore what happened at the actual baseball game that followed the BP at which these photos were taken: The entire set can be viewed here. … [more]

Sep 20th, 2006

real girls don’t wear pink

At my first Mets game of 2005, I made noises on the 7 train about how I wanted a Mets hat. So, at the very first merchandise stand we encountered, TBF happily accomodated this request. No, it was not the classic blue hat with orange button that Mr. Purist wears, but it was black and white and had the NY logo and was very MG (before she was MG), and I loved it. But my hat is not a woman’s hat. And as I became more interested in acquiring Mets merchandise, I was appalled to discover what MLB and the Mets considered to be appropriate (or desirable) wear for female baseball fans.… [more]


Sep 19th, 2006

tonight’s the night

I need to write about the game – or at least the experience of being at the game – but it is late and we didn’t leave Shea until 11. After the game – and we were some of those fans who stood there for a long time, watching the post game celebration on the Diamondvision – we realized that the merchandise stands were open, so we stood on line at one and then the other, not wanting to leave without Those Shirts. Suddenly I overheard, “The Mets are back out on the field, they’re letting fans in on the field level” and TBF finished paying for our shirts and we ran for it.… [more]


Sep 18th, 2006

have a good time (but get out alive)

Today, at PNC Park, one of the ninety ceremonial opening pitches was thrown out by none other than Punxsutawney Phil. You know, the groundhog? The “renowned meteorological expert” and his “inner circle” who comes out on February 2nd every year and tells us if there’s going to be six more weeks of winter or not. You think I’m kidding? Check this out: Unlikely as it may seem, this was not the most ridiculous sight at PNC Park today. No, the most ridiculous sight at PNC Park today was the Metropolitans 1) not clinching AGAIN, 2) getting beat by the Pirates, and 3) GETTING SWEPT BY THE PIRATES.… [more]