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Jul 11th, 2006

the home run derby

Jul 9th, 2006

7-8-06: there’s gonna be a showdown

–the brawl– (thank goodness for camera phones) I’d like to write thoughtfully about my feelings about John Maine’s debut, but I thought that game was BORING. There was no spirited offense and the defense was the lackluster performance we have wearily grown used to over the past few weeks. Add to that the fact that it was a little warm (not too hot, though, and the sun went behind the stadium pretty fast) and the upper deck was crowded (okay, the whole ballpark was crowded, which is why we were in the upper deck) so maybe it was a terrific game if we would have been on the mezz as usual.… [more]


Jul 8th, 2006

expletive expletive expletive expletive

So have you all seen the drinking photos yet? I only mention this because I was sharing this information with the two sisters who sit next to us, promising to send them the links, earlier in the evening. By the second or third inning, one of them leans over and asks, “Were those photos from LAST NIGHT? Because they’re playing like they’re hungover!” So there was some ENORMOUS group in front of us, that had a surplus of little pitchers with big ears, and since I’m usually the one yelling “CHILDREN!” at people’s inappropriate language — well, this is what I kept yelling all night when I wanted to scream various obscenities.… [more]

Jul 6th, 2006

interesting internet searches

Mets Grrl is something of a geek (it’s what pays the bills) and she loves looking at server logs. Someone from a large magazine (of the Conde Nast variety) just found my site by searching on “David Wright” and “Man Crush”. This probably has to do with all the press being generated around the All-Star Game and his Letterman appearance… …or, they could be someone who works there who has a man-crush on DW. Don’t worry, I guarantee you’re not alone. Real men admit they have man-crushes. Come over to the dark side. —–… [more]

Jul 6th, 2006

gothamist weighs in on d.wright

GAG.. Of all the Jeter comparisons, this is the one I can stomach the least. —–… [more]

Jul 5th, 2006


The “Sanford & Son” theme Cliff Floyd used as his walk-on music for at least one at-bat yesterday is actually called “Streetbeater” and was composed by Quincy Jones. So now, seems more apropos, but I am sure we still don’t understand the inside reference and never will. This stuff fascinates me. … [more]

Jul 4th, 2006

hey, baby, it’s the fourth of july

In a way, that was more like it – in another, I just found the game to be decidedly uninspired. Is it just me? I mean, obvs I know we WON and all that, and Duaner was, well, Duaner, and #13 came through admirably, and even Tommy was fine until he was cooked, but the action on the field just didn’t snap crackle and pop the way I’ve come to expect. Is it just me? It probably is. However, I could have done without the snap crackle and pop that took down #30 with yet ANOTHER injury. Reyes should have known better.… [more]

Jul 4th, 2006

7-3-06: there are no words

WORST. GAME. EVER. It was the worst game ever because it was the night AFTER that massacre in the Bronx. It was the worst game ever because THE PIRATES ARE THE WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE and not only did we lose, WE LOST 11-1! OH MY GOD! What is WRONG with all of you! You can’t even blame Angel Hernandez for anything that happened this time! I mean, a single-digit loss I could live with, a one-run loss I could shrug off – BUT ELEVEN RUNS TO ONE! HELLO???! IS ANYBODY *REALLY* ALIVE OUT THERE? I can curse Bradford but I won’t, he’s gotten us out of tight spots before, I can curse Feliciano but look at his numbers and, again, what he’s done for us before.… [more]

Jul 3rd, 2006

7-2-06: the cricket score

I spent enough time in the UK to understand what people mean when they would say, “That’s almost a cricket score.” I’ve used this phrase. I am under the apparent misconception that it makes me seem urbane, sophisticated, well-informed. I have used it when discussing teams such as the Braves, the Phillies, the Washington Nationals. I did not, this year, forsee a situation where I would be using it to describe a Mets game. I think I get it now. “Mortified” would be a good word to describe how I feel this morning, and I did not even make it through the entire game – I had to be in the office at 8:30 this morning as I am the only senior person around today- so I had to go to bed “early”.… [more]

Jul 2nd, 2006

7-1-06: the battle of good vs. evil

What a major let-down. No, seriously, this is Yankee Stadium. This is the team with the largest payroll. This is supposed to be a monumental fucking event, attending a game there, it’s supposed to be so incredible and so much nicer and the Ultimate. Instead, it’s not much better than Shea. (No, come on, it’s not.) And, at least Shea has decent concourses and enough bathrooms. The food is all more expensive. As TBF continually snarked, “Gotta make up for that payroll somehow.” The food is not that much better – okay, I know. Nothing is going to be Safeco Field with the chocolate-covered strawberries on skewers, and the salmon and chips, and the sushi (although I trusted the sushi at Safeco about as much as I ever trusted the hotdogs at the Kingdome).… [more]