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Aug 12th, 2006

this week’s stupid nyc blogger post of the week award

…goes to This Is What We Do Now.com, with a post entitled: “Sweet Jesus, why would anyone be a Mets fan?” If you ever needed a sign that the Mets are now in mainstream consciousness in NYC (aside from this week’s tabloid-fest [and no I am not linking to any of that trash]), this would be it. —–… [more]

Aug 12th, 2006

scenes from a punk rock bar

The conversation started a few weeks ago, when I confessed to one of my best friends, V., that I had been writing this blog. This has been a hard thing for most people I know to understand. Unless they are already baseball people, they are bemused, confused, cynical, patronizing, condescending and a million other similar adjectives. It doesn’t compute. They don’t know how to respond to it. They leave voicemail messages like, “Well, it’s Sunday afternoon, so you’re probably at a baseball game…” And all I ever want to respond is, Yeah, asshole, I probably am. Where are you? Drinking in the latest hipster bar in LA or Brooklyn or wherever?… [more]

Aug 9th, 2006

i stand up next to a mountain

An errant 7 train, marked as express, but in reality running local, meant that I walked out of the subway station a few minutes before 7 and saw the crowd on its feet and cheering. I cursed out loud and started running, knocking into some random lollygagger with no sense of urgency. I can’t pretend to Really Understand Mike Piazza’s impact on the Mets. Unlike 1/3 of the crowd at Shea tonight (including TBF) I don’t own a #31 t-shirt; to do so would be (in my opinion) fronting of the worst kind. I became a semi-fan in the last year he was on the team, I can’t claim much.… [more]


Aug 8th, 2006

back from the emerald city

TBF and I rolled into town over three hours late, so there’s just time to catch up on the news, the gossip, and upload a couple of pictures before getting to sleep early, so I can get to work early, so I can try to get to the f’in game in time to see the starting lineups announced. I am VERY excited to see the returns of Mr. Piazza and Mr. Cameron, but I also hope we kick their asses. We managed to keep up with Friday’s game via gamecast, Saturday’s game via the out of town scoreboard at Safeco, and Sunday we watched the game later that night – well, we fastforwarded through it – after being out all day and all evening.… [more]

Aug 3rd, 2006

nail-biting thrills (not)

I thought by now I was used to the continuum of suspense, the rollercoaster, the ups and downs. Tonight, however, I don’t know if I’m just tired or if it was really that bad, but my mumbling in the kitchen about my lack of confidence that the Mets would pull this one out in the 9th earned me a mini-lecture from TBF, something about “you don’t have a lot of confidence in your players, now do you”. At that moment, my answer would have been a resounding “no”. I wish d.wright would pull out of his slump. And Cliff – well, you know, Cliff.… [more]


Aug 3rd, 2006

why don’t I LOVE jose valentin?

This article from mets.com yesterday got me to sit down and think about this quandry, which has been rolling around in my head for a while. I remember the Milwaukee series when Jose Valentin changed from the guy whose at-bats you’d watched behind split fingers, into the superhero, Grand Slam-slugging guy we have today. I remember sending a text message to TBF: “where is jose valentin and what have they done with him” “its someone else wearing a jose valentin suit” was his response. And, to our continued amazement, it wasn’t a fluke. He kept producing. And producing. And his defense wasn’t half-bad either – he wasn’t going to win a Gold Glove any time soon, but he was no Kaz Matsui, either.… [more]

Aug 2nd, 2006

duaner is gothamist’s “idiot of the month”

Yes, Gothamist’s sports coverage is puerile at best. But this has got to be the most dumb-ass article I have seen, since the one that complained that Patti Smith hogged the Bowery Ballroom every New Year’s Eve, depriving indieflavorbandofthemonth from that venue, and couldn’t she just die already? TIEN MAO, YOU LIVE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD, WATCH YOURSELF. [kidding.] [well, sort of.] —–… [more]

Aug 1st, 2006

x to the z

No sooner do I publish my sacred Mets iPod playlist then do I have to revise it, removing “X” by Xzibit, since #22, Mr. Nady, is no longer with us. I quite liked X (and not just because he looked like Joaquin Phoenix), but as the season went on, I was more and more uncomfortable when he was out there – not quite Victor Diaz-level uncomfortable (I swear I had grey hair last summer brought on entirely by Victor Diaz’ presence in RF), but I was never 100% sure he was going to be able to generate the rubber arms and Roadrunner-like legs that an outfielder seems to need as part of his arsenal (except Carlos Beltran, who, while he will dive when the situation warrants, carries himself with elegance).… [more]

Jul 31st, 2006

3:27pm, day of the trade deadline

*ring ring* “We just traded Xavier Nady for relief help.” I look at the clock. 3:26pm. “Wow, Omar has half an hour.” “They said they knew about it last night, but kept it quiet so they didn’t get ripped off in the trade.” “Shouldn’t you be impressed that I know that the trade deadline is 4pm?” *pause* “Wait a minute – how DID you know that?” My head is spinning right now. Is it always this bad? —–… [more]

Jul 31st, 2006


Sanchez separated shoulder in car accident TBF is inconsolable. The title of this post was the subject line of the email that sent me this piece of information. So this brings me to something I have been thinking about: acts of God (accidents), acts of stupidity (like sports players who engage in extreme sports during the season), and acts of bravery (think: the Beltran-Cameron Collision of ’05). Everything can be rolling along fine and then disaster strikes. This is something you cannot plan for. As a former manager of mine used to say, “Unfortunately, this work is being done by humans.” It’s the inexplicable force, brought by the human factor, that makes the sport and the performance of it such a joy, but it’s also the same thing that can make it an almost-tragedy (and realize that I am exaggerating in the case of Duaner for effect here, but also, it’s not like he was a trivial force in the bullpen).… [more]