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Oct 8th, 2006

joe strummer would have been a mets fan

Game 2 put us in the front row of the upper deck boxes, section 22, just a little out from third base. These came from the post-season rights to TBF’s Sunday plan; my plan’s mezz tickets were traded to get us in last night. I am tired and cold and definitely coming down with something, and have brought every article of clothing possible: Mets ski cap. Army surplus fingerless gloves. Brand new scarf I ran into the Gap to buy earlier today. Polar fleece hoodie. Long sleeve shirt. My vintage ’86 jacket. I didn’t have to break out the handwarmers until about the 5th inning.… [more]

Oct 8th, 2006


Sick and tired and sick and drinking apple juice and crammed into a corner of my couch, getting text messages from friends who don’t care about sports, much less live in New York and care about the Mets, rooting for us. The cat trying to climb into our laps, but I am curled up and TBF is keeping score and he is not happy. But we won. WE WON! Fingers crossed for Cliff. Yes, I still owe you a game 2 post and photos. But, the sick thing. —–… [more]

Oct 6th, 2006

and that’s how we do things in flushing.

Freezing, exhausted, fighting a cold, I’m home but I have a five hour job interview tomorrow morning, which has to take some precedence, so no update tonight. The good news is I have the rest of the day off afterwards and I’ll be home to update and upload tonight’s photos. Tonight we were front row of the upper deck boxes, a little past third base – what we gained from TBF’s Sunday plan. My god it was COLD, but worth every second. More tomorrow I promise. … [more]


Oct 5th, 2006

“get off the plate a little bit, and allow yourself to be free”

The title quote comes from Mr. Cornelius Clifford Floyd, #30, one of tonight’s heroes. Then again, where wasn’t there a hero tonight? Okay, so Valentin had one of his worst plays all season. And he can’t lay down a bunt to save his life. But everywhere I looked, someone was doing something exceptional. Someone was rising to not just meet the challenge, but kick the living s**t out of the challenge in a dark alley. On the 7 train at 2:45. At Shea by 3:15. Strangely, I am not hungry, at all. My heart was pounding as I left work and walked to the train, but by the time we reach Willets Point I am calmer.… [more]

Oct 4th, 2006

i’ll be home when i’m sleeping

I woke up this morning at 5:30am, dreaming of baseball. No, really. I had baseball dreams last night. And they were baseball dreams, dreams of balls soaring through the air and blue and orange running the bases and Shea roaring and the sun shining. I went to bed early because I was tired and felt like I was coming down with a cold, so I mainlined Vitamin C and zinc and took some melantonin and got into bed just when the Tigers were starting to show some offense. The Mets were going to need me more. 5:30am rolls around and I’m wide awake, can’t go back to sleep, and know that TBF’s alarm is going off in half an hour, mine going off in an hour – but then I can tell that he’s awake.… [more]


Oct 3rd, 2006



Oct 3rd, 2006


As much as I like to start my blog posts with some related (at least tangentially) song quote or title, and as much as “Panic In Detroit” was going through my head as I started writing, I didn’t want to use the first line of that song (as much as it might be amusingly semi-relevant), nor do I want to panic. Okay. No El Duque. El Duque himself being the harbringer of doom, saying “It’s not a cramp.” Okay. Okay. Okay. I’m just not going to panic. I’m not going to panic because the media is going to do a damn fine job of foisting their disaster scenarios upon us without us buying into it.… [more]

Oct 2nd, 2006

the left fielder, #30

CLIFF FLOYD has started a blog! Cliff Floyd’s Playoff Blog I have high hopes that his blog will be less lame that his friend #5’s…. —–… [more]

Oct 2nd, 2006

kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall

and now we are in October. Now we are in October, and I am concerning myself with warm socks and where are my gloves and buying a telephoto lens, and outfitting the new baseball purse (burnt orange, waterproof, pockets for binoculars and water bottles and safe for the camera). October baseball. Me. I am going to watch October baseball. The same person who would never have understood what that meant a year ago. At the end of today’s game – half of which we watched on SNY, the other half we listened to on the radio; a TBF tradition which he could not explain, but that I happily accomodated – I made him get up from his desk so I could give him a hug.… [more]