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Have You Heard, Derek Jeter Is Retiring This Year? | metsgrrl.com

Have You Heard, Derek Jeter Is Retiring This Year?

It is okay to not like Derek Jeter.

I’ll actually go one further than that: if you are a fan of a team who regularly had to play and get beaten by the Yankees, it is okay to thoroughly hate Derek F. Jeter (the “F” is a long-standing joke in our house).

I grew up in an era where you could like things and hate things. I loved Bruce Springsteen, I hated the Grateful Dead. I loved the Ramones, I hated Boston, Kansas, Journey, Styx and their ilk. Really hated them, with the fire of a thousand suns. I don’t like Dave Matthews and when he played at a benefit concert I attended, I went and got some garlic fries. I realize that in this age where kids can’t lose a Little League game and everyone ‘wins,’ this is not a popular way to go about life, but I don’t get it. Life is short. Have an opinion.

I hate Derek Jeter. Absolutely, I acknowledge that he is part of baseball history. I don’t care about anything else. But I’m a Mets fan. I hate Derek Jeter. I’m allowed to hate Derek Jeter. It’s just good old fashioned rivalry. I think he is smarmy and I hate his car commercials taking over SNY and whenever my cat does a totally unnecessary spin jump over a sock I tell him that if he’s going to keep that up, I’m going to start calling him Derek Jeter (to which the SO will quickly interject, “NO YOU WON’T.”) If you have a problem with this because you are a Yankees fan and love Derek Jeter, tough. I am not a “New York baseball fan” as some people try to explain their inability to pick one team to root for. I am a Mets fan and I don’t like Derek Jeter.

So now I prepare for a year in which every time the Yankees visit a ballpark for a series it will become the Derek Jeter Memorial Series, with endless tributes and fawning, and my Yankees fan friends will get irate and emotional and pissed off that I dare to say anything against the mighty Jeter.

But I’m saying it. You should too, if you want. You can recognize that Derek Jeter was an important player in MLB without falling over yourself to pay tribute to him in his last year. It doesn’t make you any less of a “true baseball fan” as the zealots are already trying to allege. Doesn’t make you anything, except human.

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