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OH, THE SHAME. | metsgrrl.com


We knew it was bad.
We knew there were rumblings.
I had people coming to this site and posting comment after comment insisting that the Wilpons had no money problems, that to say otherwise was bullshit (and worse).
We heard the rumors that the Mets were wholesale dumping blocks of tickets with ticket brokers at deeply discounted prices, who were then recycling them through StubHub and the other broker sites, which was why there were so many cheap tickets out there for so long.

And now, this. This is just about as far rock bottom as you can get. (I was originally going to say “Even the Astros aren’t selling tickets on Groupon” but oh, yes, they are.)

As someone who still holds tickets to six games this year, it’s infuriating. Friday night against the Braves is a discount ticket? When I paid full price (at the season ticket holder discount) earlier in the year? Do you know how much it upsets me to think about the obnoxious calls to and from the Mets ticket office earlier this season, with their arrogant attitude, about why aren’t I renewing my ticket plan?

Everything I want to say isn’t nice, isn’t polite, isn’t anything except the result of a world of anger and disappointment and misery – the same world that you are all living in. It’s not new. It’s just the bottom of the hole.

Last night I said that I was looking forward to see how the Mets were going to some how spin, obfuscate or otherwise justify the ticket price increase next year. TBF insists they wouldn’t dare. I say, just wait and see.

Six more games. I suppose we will still go, because we bought the tickets, we spent the money, and when baseball is gone for the year, I will miss baseball.

But they’re not making it easy on the fans to show up or give a damn.

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