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Call me cynical, but it’s hard for me to read about this and not think, “We just don’t have enough group sales to fill those crappy Big Apple seats so we’ll cave and do one of those social media nights that the kids are into these days.”

For $41:

  • Seating in the exclusive Big Apple Reserved section
  • $18 food and beverage credit [so essentially your ticket is $23, which is about what the Big Apple seats are worth in my opinion]
  • “Connect” T-Shirt and name tag sticker [Generic MLB shirt with Mets branding]
  • Automatically eligible for in-game Twitter giveaways during each inning

I hate the Big Apple seats and find them to be very, very overpriced, even with a $18 food and beverage credit (because they only do that because they hope that most people won’t use all $18 of theirs) and the rest of me says, “NO ONE ON AT&T WILL HAVE SIGNAL ANYWAY.”

Let’s take a look at what other teams are doing for Social Media Night.

The Phillies have done two versions of this event:

For $70:

  • Game ticket in the Terrace Deck (Sections 430-434) [These are even worse than the Big Apple seats in my opinion]
  • A Social Media Night t-shirt
  • Admission to an exclusive catered buffet pre-game tent party
  • Access to a Q&A session with Tom McCarthy (Phillies Broadcaster), John Brazer (Phillies Director of Publicity), Todd Zolecki (MLB.com Phillies beat writer) and hosted by Scott Palmer (Phillies Director of Public Affairs)

A series of different events, priced at $26:

  • Game ticket for the Rooftop Bleachers [Worse than the Big Apple seats]
  • $10 food and beverage credit included with your game ticket
  • A unique rally towel
  • And the chance to win prizes throughout the game!

I think the $70 was a little too pricey but at least it was interesting. The $26 version seems pretty low on value.


“The Cardinals are excited to announce their first 2011 Social Media Night. The $20 price includes a T-Shirt*, Lower Left Field Box ticket and access to a pre-game Social Hour.”.

They had the best t-shirt out of all the social media night shirts: “Tweet Me In St. Louis.

$20 is the right price for this kind of event in my opinion, and these seats weren’t in the upper hinterlands. Plus, the shirt is pretty neat.



  • View Box seat for the game
  • $5 TicketPlu$ concession stand credit (must be used on this date)
  • Access to the pre-game happy hour event at the Patio at the ‘Pen
  • FREE Social Media Happy Hour T-shirt!

Thanks to the crappy new MLB standard for stadium maps, I can’t even find View Box unless I know what level and section it is, so I can’t comment on the quality of the seats. It’s again in the right price point, however, and puts a focus on a happy hour where you could, you know, actually put faces to tweets.


Tickets cost $45:

  • A game ticket in the Budweiser Patio — the area contains three rows and seats a total of 108.

  • A Social Media night t-shirt (and like last year, we’ll offer an array of men’s and women’s sizes)

  • Dinner: what we serve will be up to the fans. We’ll invite fans to vote on three choices through Twitter, and whatever gets the most votes is what we’ll serve. We’ll also throw in kettle chips and popcorn, and a half-pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream for dessert.
  • An appearance by an Astros player. For the April 16 event, Pence will join us from 5 p.m. to around 5:15 (the game starts at 6) and will help hand out prizes — autographed baseballs and other signed items — that we’ll give away during our Twitter trivia contest. The contests will be conducted solely on Twitter.

  • A mix and mingle with other Social Media fans. We hope you’ll take lots of pictures and post them on your Facebook pages as well as tweet about the fabulous time you’re having with your tweeps at the game.

You can laugh at the Astros, but they were doing these events last season too, and work hard (in my opinion) to make them interesting and worthwhile. I do find the $45 price point to be a little high, but they are feeding fans and they’re having a decent player show up.

I feel like these types of events are empty unless there’s been some attempt to embrace or integrate into the existing social media community. Having a Twitter account and doing Trivia Thursdays does not equal engagement. I know, it’s New York; I know, they don’t need to do it – but I’d argue that right now, especially right now, the Mets need to hire someone to do social media engagement full time at full throttle, and give the fans a reason to feel like they are part of this team. Because we could use that right now.

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