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Jul 28th, 2011


My first encounter with Mets’ fans uneasy relationship with Carlos Beltran was early in the 2006 season. The game went into extras, everyone around me in Section 12 left, and I headed to self-upgrade myself to the Mezzanine Boxes. A few minutes later I was joined by half a dozen Latino kids in their late teens, who had snuck down from the Upper Deck. They sat there, laughing and punching each other, and yelling things at the field in Spanish. It was one of my classic “I hate that I live in NYC and don’t understand a word of Spanish” moments.… [more]


Jul 19th, 2011


Tonight is likely the last time I have watched Carlos Beltran play baseball in a New York Mets uniform. It wasn’t a bad last game. I wanted to take a million photographs and then just gave up. I just wanted to watch him play, watch him at bat, watch him in the outfield. I wanted to remember what it was like to hear his walkup music, watch him come out of the dugout, watch him stride over to the plate and draw that J in the dirt. I wanted to stand up and applaud him when he came to bat in that first inning, and I don’t know why I just didn’t do it, why I worried about blocking the view of the people behind me, and I didn’t want to get into a discussion about What We Will Get For Carlos Beltran.… [more]


Jul 12th, 2011


I know I have better photos of Francisco Rodriguez, but it’s late and I was on my way to bed when the news came in. I picked up my phone to check something and there it was, the push alert from the MLB Trade Rumors app. I read it like three times, before I went to the physical website, and then I yelled, “The Mets Trade Francisco Rodriguez To The Brewers.” TBF: “Noooo! You’re kidding, right?” I read the headline again, and he came running into the room, where he then stood there reading over my shoulder as I read the story to him.… [more]