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THE METS AND “IT GETS BETTER”. | metsgrrl.com


It was with dismay I read about a story in the Daily News today, about the Mets and the “It Gets Better” project. The Giants have already made a video, and the Red Sox have recently stated that they plan to as well. The Giants video specifically says the words “LGBT youth” and the Red Sox said in their press release “We are currently producing an ‘It Gets Better’ video to support the It Gets Better campaign to stop bullying of LGBT youth and teen suicides.” The Mariners have also announced their intention to get involved with the project.

When I read that this project was spreading to MLB, my immediate thought was that the Mets would never, ever get involved, because the same fan base who called WFAN to complain about the Minaya Latino Baseball Conspiracy, whine about reggaeton at Shea Stadium and want more “American” players (said usually about players from Puerto Rico) would blow a gasket at anything the Mets did that had the word “gay” in it.

While I would also embrace the Mets getting involved in a general anti-bullying initiative, I cannot stress how important it is to support the original “It Gets Better” project without pussyfooting around. It’s not that I don’t think bullying is a problem, but there’s a world of difference from a straight kid getting pushed into a locker and a gay teen being targeted by bullies for their sexuality. We’re talking about the oppression of a marginalized group, who doesn’t have any kind of privilege whatsoever.

This isn’t about excluding anything or anyone. We’re talking about saving lives. We’re talking about supporting basic human rights. We’re talking about kids dying because they think there’s nothing to live for. I will quote my colleague over at “Can’t Stop The Bleeding” and ask, “What possible risk could the Mets run by expressing support for bullied LGBT teens?

If you want to make sure you don’t exclude anyone – if, in fact, that is the concern the Mets have (as per the Daily News story, currently our only source for this) – then do both. Do a video for “It Gets Better” and then do a general anti-bullying video. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, and are in fact quite complimentary. It’s making a statement that bullying of anyone under any circumstances is wrong. I can’t think of a better message that I’d like to hear from my team.

If the Mets are truly the inheritors of Jackie Robinson’s legacy – so the party line goes – then let’s be the team that embraces everyone. Stand up and make an “It Gets Better” video, and make a general anti-bullying video if you’re worried about being exclusionary.

I have a note into the Mets requesting comment and will update when I get a response.

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