LOVE’S SO TOUGH. [6-12-11]

Mets v Pirates,


I am sure I am not alone when I tell you that this game made me nervous, early on. I mean, Jose is out there in the on-deck circle before the lineup cards are even exchanged (the background music for this is the Law & Order theme in Pittsburgh) and our seats are just off the Pirates on-deck circle and you think, you know, let’s get ’em today.


And then Correia sits them down, one two three, and then he does it again, and then he does it again. I am not sure why TBF and I didn’t start talking loudly about the no-hitter that he had going except that I know TBF finds it obnoxious and feels that it’s an offensive punishable by the home fans spilling beer on us, but it’s not like anyone around us would have noticed or cared (the woman next to TBF just wanted to know if we had racing pierogies, and the guy behind us kept yelling for a double play when there were already two outs).


Chris Capuano did an admirable job. There was no teeth gnashing, there was no nail biting, there was no yelling at him to just throw strikes. He is not flashy and he is not sexy but he gets batters out and I guess that in itself is sexy, come to think of it.


Pirates fans continued to boo Jason Bay today. However, today he was out-booed by fans booing Matt Diaz. Calls about how terrible Matt Diaz is dominated the Pirates post-game show that we listened to while waiting to get out of the parking garage. But Jason Bay got booed, and it was not by Mets fans.

And then Jason Bay broke up the no-hitter and I was cackling madly in our row.


I know the seventh inning was confusing to everyone watching or listening, but it was far more confusing to those of us who were actually there. It was the middle of the 7th inning so I had gotten up to exercise my constitutional rights, only to see Terry Collins running onto the field and TBF is saying, “What? He went early? What?” and I shrugged and started walking up the aisle, where I got heckled by Pirates fans as I walked by. By the time I had headed to the ladies’ room and stopped to get a drink, I could hear the radio broadcast talking about a double play, and I shrugged and waited at the top of the section for a break in the play.


And then Lyle Overbay hit that ball and I thought “Oh geez no” and then I watched Angel hurl himself skyward and cheered loudly when he caught it and then headed back to my seat, just in time to watch Clint Hurdle get thrown out of the game. I won’t even tell you what people around us were saying because these were people complaining that the Pirates weren’t getting any outs in an inning where the scoreboard was showing the number 2 under OUTS. I know, it is Sunday, and it was a big kids day at the park and for the most part I very much enjoyed the Pirates fans I met.


The pierogie races are now real races. The last time I was at PNC in 2006, the race was 90% on-screen animated pirogies racing and then they ran down a few feet in the outfield. Now, they actually race around the outfield on the warning track, which is still silly but far more enjoyable. Jalepeno Hanna is my favorite, because she races with an old-fashioned handbag hanging off of her pirogie arm. And the Pirates have gotten rid of the actual Pirate dude mascot, making do capably with the Pirate Parrot, who once again spent the presume getting into it with Jose Reyes, bringing a small Pirates fan out with him to jinx Jose or give him a hard time while he was warming up. I was trying to imagine the conversation: “Yo, bird. Why you have to give me a hard time here, papi?”


If you find that ridiculous, let us remember that this is the game where Willie Harris got the rally started that got us the insurance runs that were sorely needed, and that Scott Hairston – that’s right, Scott Hairston – hit a home run into the outfield bleachers. The Pirates fans are screaming GET HIM OUT at Willie Harris and I’m saying “Clearly, you haven’t watched the Mets very often, this is Willie Harris,” and then the bat made actual contact with the ball and he trotted down to first base and then eventually made it all the way around and crossed home plate. TBF is saying, “Well, that’s it for June” and then “I would get a picture of that because I don’t know when you’re going to see that again,” which of course applies to Scott Hairston as well – and the Pirates fans are now screaming OH MY GOD THAT WAS SCOTT HAIRSTON.


And then Bobby Parnell came out and finished the job and I got to stand there and take photos of what I refer to as “Air Reyes,” which I usually have to shoot from the front row of the Promenade Reserved Infield, as everyone fist bumped and jumped and shook hands and smiled and acted like a team that actually did this winning thing all the time.


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