I would like to begin tonight’s game post with a public service announcment (WITH GUITAR):

Dear Mets Fans: the problem is not that there are too many Giants or Dodgers or whatever fans at Citi Field, the problem is that there are not enough Mets fans. Please show up to games. Tickets are so cheap right now. Even if you just walk up to the box office the day of the game, you can get the second row of 515 for $15 (which is what TBF paid on Wednesday night, yes, the Tim Lincecum start). There are bargains galore. You have to come. I am tired of idiotic fans of the opposing team clogging the 7 and sitting behind us and uttering sentences like “James Loney is the best defensive first baseman in the National League” and insisting that he was better than Albert Pujols (I wish I was kidding) while letting their kid kick the back of my head (let alone the chair) without interference. Others have also made this plea, so I am adding my voice.

And now, to the game.


Except that all I want to do is post pictures of Jose Reyes.


At least I did not begin this game with hearing Dodgers fans uttering the phrase, “Future Dodger Jose Reyes” but I imagine that was just a matter of circumstance. You could make a sign with velcro or some kind of slot where you can just put in the logo of the team we are playing for the rest of the year; I don’t think it will never not make me crazy, except in cases where it is just plain stupid (I’m looking at you, say, Pittsburgh. Nothing personal.) I just want to scream HE IS OURS YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM LEAVE HIM ALONE.

We did, however, learn that the Tigers have made it known that they would be interested in acquiring David Wright. (Did Jim Leyland borrow cigarettes from Tim Lincecum or something?)


On a night that Jose Reyes hit two triples – the most exciting play in baseball – I think I am justified in filling a post with photographs of Jose Reyes.


TBF and I argue about whether Jose is doing the Claw when he gets on base. He claims it’s a signal, I say he’s doing the claw. It doesn’t matter much what exactly he’s doing – all that matters is that he’s excited and letting it show again.


My twitter pal, and former blogger over at Mike’s Mets, Joyce Mandelkern, sits with the royalty behind the plate and is planning on starting KEEP REYES chants and bringing signs. I hope she can get some support down there.


I would of course also like to give props to Jason Pridie, who clearly felt very disrespected by the Dodgers when they deliberately walked Ike Davis and hit that 3-run HR, putting the Mets ahead. He also shut up the idiot Dodgers fan behind me for 30 seconds, which was quite an accomplishment, let me tell you.


And now I am back to Jose Reyes, up close and personal from a few weeks ago. One of these is for the ladies, but you can tell everyone you’re admiring my shot of the bats in the dugout instead.


When I came home tonight, I bought this shirt:

Picture 17

Which you can acquire from independent merchandise vendors The 7 Line. (This is a completely uncompensated plug.) I look forward to wearing it the rest of the season.

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