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I no longer have to complain about not having photographs of Terry Collins or Sandy Alderson.

It was the first credentialed blogger day of 2011. We were invited to watch (not participate in – yet) the pre-game manager’s press conference, attend BP on the field, and then watch the game. Nothing about this sucks. Everything about this is, quite frankly, pretty amazing. I won’t lie.


This was the first time bloggers had been allowed to attend the pre-game press conference. It was made clear to us that we were there to watch this time. It was a very short presser (7 minutes by my watch), and moved very, very quickly. Everyone has a recorder of some type. No one seems to take actual paper notes, and when I tried, I finally just gave up. Of course, part of that was probably nerves and the first time attending one. Adam Rubin asks about Chris Young, Rich Coutino asks about Daniel Murphy and if Collins is thinking about platooning him with Emaus, Gary Cohen asks about Willie Harris losing the ball in the lights. There were other questions from the likes of Kevin Burkhardt and Steve Popper and other writers I didn’t recognize from the backs of their heads, and before I knew it, it was over.


It is true that there is no tweeting during the press conference. The photo that I tweeted of the press conference was sent when we were already out at BP. According to the Mets PR team, that decision was made by the BBWAA and not the Mets. A lot of people have an opinion about this, and in some ways I feel like you can’t stuff the genie back into the social media bottle, but it’s their turf, it’s their beat, it’s their day-to-day existence. I care a lot about social media, and baseball, but I’m not ever going to be a beat writer.

We were then allowed on the warning track and in the dugout for BP. Bloggers do not get clubhouse access. I don’t say “yet” because I’m not sure that we ever will – someone somewhere might, but I do not see this ever happening in New York, just like we’ll never get press box access. I don’t need clubhouse access, and don’t really want press box access – but today, when it was cold and rainy, I would have loved to have been able to go somewhere that was warm and had wifi to process some photos and write up a post in the hours after Mets BP ended and the game started. I would not be writing this post at 1:16am if I had been able to do this. On the other hand, I don’t know that I’d be willing to subject my Macbook Air to sit on the concrete floor for 9 innings, no matter how well protected.

I should hashtag this #bloggerwhine.

I don’t usually write about The State of Mets Blogging on here because I feel like it only interests people who write blogs and not people who read them, but we’re definitely at a crossroads. I don’t need access to do what I do here, but it sure was helpful for me to be able to email Mets PR and ask specific questions for a couple of posts I was working on, and to be given very specific and detailed answers. (It is also a little astonishing.) It is helpful for me to go to BP because I can get great photos that I can then use throughout the year.

Speaking of great photos, that’s another post.

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