So apparently, there was some kind of contest somewhere, and the result was that two dudely dudes won and are going to be spending the season sitting in the old Tower Records (RIP) location on 4th and Broadway, watching baseball games and offering sparkling commentary and hosting special guests, in something called “The MLB Fan Cave“. Okay, whatever. It’s a dumb quasi reality show kind of concept, and MLB is trying for some kind of relevance in that space (I guess). This would be a dumb marketing stunt that would have been easy to ignore, if it were not for this:

Picture 7

Right. Because when I think Opening Day, the first thing I think of is, “Gosh, I wonder what a professional underwear model thinks about the 2011 baseball season.” It’s too bad there are no women working in the industry you could ask. Next time you have this problem, I’ve compiled a list you can start with.

  • Kim Ng, Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations, Major League Baseball
  • Alyson Footer, Astros Sr. Director of Social Media
  • Carrie Muskat, MLB
  • Amy K. Nelson, ESPN
  • Molly Knight, ESPN
  • Amanda Rykoff, ESPNw
  • Emma Span (Author of “90% of the Game Is Half-Mental” and writer at Baseball Prospectus
  • Christina Kahrl, co-founder, Baseball Prospectus
  • Julie Di Caro, CEO of Aerys Sports, the first all-woman sports network
  • Lisa Winston, Former MLB, veteran baseball writer
  • Lizzy Nielsen, Associate Sports Editor at The Daily
  • Jane Lee, MLB
  • Brittany Ghiroli, MLB

And that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure my readers can add more (so please do).

This kind of catering to the lowest common denominator doesn’t get more baseball fans, MLB. It gets more idiotic, fairweather, bandwagon jumper fans. It insults your male fans, too, but it plain old alienates that paltry 45% of the fan base which is female.

I know other women are angry that the two winners were men. We don’t know who entered and what the quality of the entries were, so I can’t take on that fight. But this? This is just uncalled for in 2011.

MLB, you are missing out on marketing, sales and monetization opportunities every time you pull a stunt like this. Think about it.

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