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Today, Mets bloggers were invited to participate in a conference call with new Mets manager Terry Collins. It seems like we can’t turn around without being invited to a conference call these days, not that I’m complaining.

This one was particularly tough for me because I had a big product launch at work which began at 2:45am this morning. I worked all weekend. I mention this because the invitation to participate came in the middle of all of this and I needed time to sit and think of a good question. Luckily, the new Mets Weekly came to the rescue when they interviewed players and asked them about Terry Collins, and Angel Pagan (among others) mentioned that he was a real “player’s manager”.

Voila, I had my question. Or at least one I could ask.

What I wanted to ask was this: “Do you realize that there is a huge portion of this fan base who was vehemently opposed to your hiring and is just waiting for you to make the tiniest mistake?” but I thought it was the wrong approach to take for the first call. Maybe I should have just gone with it. I was struck by the honesty in the answer that I got to my question, where Collins flat out admitted that once upon a time, no one would have called him a player’s manager. Maybe that will quell the naysayers, but most likely not.

Please note: I am not pro-Terry Collins, but I am not anti-Terry Collins either. I have been interrogated many times since Collins’ hiring by bloggers of other teams, Mets fans, and even a few professional sportswriters to try to get “the real story” about what fans think of Terry Collins, and my answer has been that right now, I do not care very much what fans think of Terry Collins, I care about what players think of Terry Collins. Let the team win or lose a few games and then maybe we can all choose which bandwagon we want to ride on. (Of course, I realize that a lot of people don’t care about waiting and are already waiting for Terry to fail.)

As usual, Metsblog has the transcript of the call, so I do not need to repeat that here for you. I felt like a good, broad set of questions was asked, with little repetition. Everyone has their areas of expertise, their areas of what they care about, what their pet topics are. It’s almost guaranteed to be more interesting than any standard beat writer press conference because no one has to ask meat and potatoes questions or risk being yelled at by their editor. Bloggers can have an agenda, and pursue that agenda if they want, because they’re bloggers. This works to the Mets’ advantage without that even being the motivation behind the conference calls.

I am curious as to the frequency of these conference calls and what other activities the Mets will open to bloggers as the season progresses. I am also curious as to what will happen to the frequency of any blogger outreach if the team’s luck takes a turn for the better. The cynic in me says the access will end, or decrease, the second the Mets are playing meaningful baseball. I’d love to be wrong about that.

[$#@%@^$* Jason Bay, apropos of nothing. Can I just say that here?]

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