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The reveal after assembly. They are on eBay now for less $$ folks. Go take a look.

So, our DVR is dying. Thanks to the wonderful quality technology that is provided by Time Warner Cable (that’s sarcasm, folks), this will be the third time in six years that we’ve had to replace the DVR. Unfortunately, that also means that we lose everything that’s on the DVR. This time, at least, we had some warning, so we started watching everything. My best friend’s band on Conan O’Brien and then on Jimmy Fallon. The 2006 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when R.E.M. and Patti Smith were inducted (the original broadcast). Bruce Springsteen on Jimmy Fallon (which I was lucky enough to attend).

And then, of course, the last two games at Shea Stadium, 9/27/08 and 9/28/08….which we had never been able to bring ourselves to watch after the fact.

The Johan complete game still had me on the edge of my seat. Still gave me goosebumps. Still had me wanting to stand up and cheer with every out. Talking about that last week at Shea when we were at every game (okay, I skipped the Monday when it rained), marveled at how much we still missed Shea, how loud it was, how earth-shatteringly loud. We started talking about all the people we knew there, none of whom are still residents of that ballpark across the street. The red-headed family with the twins. The sisters next to us. The retired LIRR workers in front of us. The father and son who sat to our right. Statler & Waldorf (who called Argenis Reyes “AR-ANUS” as loudly as possible) sitting behind us in the upper deck on Saturdays. Everyone priced out of the new place, or unable to fit in.

And then we watched the “Shea Goodbye” ceremony. Not the DVD, we watched the ceremony (not the game, we’re not gluttons for punishment) that we had taped back in 2008, with a little patience and prodding we got the DVR to play it for us. I swear to you I cried almost as hard as I did when I was standing there in the upper deck boxes. I saw things I couldn’t have seen that day, like certain players looking a little misty as they emerged onto the field. I saw things that still made me angry, like the police horse blocking Mr. Met taking down the number in the outfield, the hundreds of police who weren’t guarding the players but GUARDING THE FIELD THAT WAS GOING TO BE DEMOLISHED THE VERY NEXT MORNING.

But it was still just as wonderful as it was that day, just as bittersweet, just as heart-rending and sad and amazing to be there.

When it was over, I turned to TBF and pointed out that we had some money and maybe we should just finally buy our Shea seats… only to find that the Mets were no longer selling them… only to then find them for sale on eBay by the company contracted to remove the seats, direct, for $300 less, with no tax and free shipping. (Just go on eBay and search on “Shea Stadium seats” – there are still some left.)

And the box is open, with our own little piece of Shea inside.

They arrived today, and aside from the cat being a little spooked by them, we are thrilled to have a little piece of Shea Stadium in our apartment.

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