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Dec 31st, 2010


With time and distance comes peace and acceptance, or something like that. Here below are my favorite baseball memories of 2010: Ike Davis’ Debut “We Believe In Home Field Advantage” Beating the Yankees, especially Francisco Cervelli Visiting Target Field The “roadtrip” part of going to California & Arizona David Wright throwing me a ball during BP at AT&T Park before the game where we had amazing seats Getting Rob Dibble fired Mike Pelfrey & a puppy Baseball’s best mascot starring in the best commercial in the world My favorite Mets memory of 2010 remains the Jonathon Niese one-hitter. There was enough magic in that night to make up for a lot.… [more]


Dec 22nd, 2010


Now, *this* is what I call a Mets-themed holiday card: I wish I could take credit for it, but this is the completely unique hand-drawn artistry of my colleague-in-blogging, the insanely talented Sam from Roar of the Tigers. She does this kind of stuff all the time over there (including her hilarious Eight Nights of Terrible Chanukah Cartoons), and you should definitely check it out. Merry Krimble and a festive holiday season to all baseball fans!… [more]


Dec 19th, 2010


The objective part of me is all “Well, at least now your choices to see Greinke pitch won’t be the Bronx, Boston or Baltimore” but unobjectively of course I hope we can hit the hell out of him. It is easier to have pitching crushes on AL pitchers.… [more]


Dec 14th, 2010


Signs of baseball insanity: you go on vacation and find a baseball friend who will agree to text you the second there is (if there is) a Cliff Lee deal made while you are gone. The text came at 8:56pm West Coast time, as we were finishing dinner. We got in the cab still chattering about it as we both logged on to the internet via various devices to rant and rave and commisserate. The cab driver says, “Are you two talking about baseball? Did something happen?” Cliff Lee screwed up the betting odds last year before I could place my bets at the sports book, and now he’s done it again – not that I could bet for the Phillies anyway.… [more]


Dec 10th, 2010


No, it’s not April 1; on Tuesday, several bloggers were invited to attend a conference call with Sandy Alderson which was held this evening. The current open regime continues to equally stun and mystify me, but I’ll take anything I can get. Some highlights below, although my favorite quote was probably this (in answer to a question regarding fan reaction): “I haven’t walked around the concourse during a game, so I haven’t seen any fruits & vegetables yet.” He also stated – but I cannot find the question it was a response to – that he fully expected to be over slot “more than occasionally.” This call was handled via roll call method, which, quite frankly I prefer to a free-for-all scrum where everyone has to try to ask their question at the same time – that works in real life, but it’s not so efficient for a phone call.… [more]


Dec 3rd, 2010


Yes, this is what the world has come to: the best use for my John Maine shirt right now is to provide my cat with warmth. He likes to sleep at the foot of the bed on top of a set of drawers that are there, and after he sat on a few too many things I didn’t want him to, my reaction was to go through the pile of baseball shirts waiting to be put away for next year. Our household was fond of saying, “Whoda thought that Mike Pelfrey would’ve been the ace of the two, and that John Maine would be the one to not get his act together?” Farewell and best wishes.… [more]